Saturday, 9 July 2011

Link Tank 09/07

Perhaps this should be posted on Sundays from next week now the brekkie competition is busted.

Child road safety or stopping them from eating McDonalds, a Welsh dilemma

Wind farm madness

It's health and safety gone mainstream!

Brewer accused of sexism and racism over their humourous beer labels

Teen faces eight years in jail for a school sex toy prank

Ban Powerpoint!

EU regulations promote contraband cigarettes

Sweet wine drinkers more likely not to wear panties

New York district bans the buying of puppies if the customer has been drinking

Cat roaming studied


Curmudgeon said...

I love the statement on the cat article that owned cats were "asleep or in low activity 97 percent of the time."

Anonymous said...

Re the McPath in Bridgend - school meals there must be awful if the children are prepared to walk half a mile each way for a hamburger!