Thursday, 7 July 2011

Regrets? They'd Have A Few

I was asked today if I would join the girl Puddlecote school's parent council.

Gotta be worth the hour it would take before they threw me out, doncha think?


Curmudgeon said...

It's a difficult stance to maintain, but if you keep on nudging rather than opening up with both barrels it may be possible to achieve something. You know, "the long march through the institutions".

And obviously you have persuaded some people that you are a reasonable, intelligent person and not a swivel-eyed loon ;-)

Anonymous said...

Certainly. But be aware that there are those who will try to draw you into abstruse argument about this and that (from my experience of being a golf club treasurer). Here is a typical example:

A chip shop wishes to open near the school. Some clever bugger on the Council will say what the objections are, and then say, "Don't you agree, Dick?" If you say, "Yes", then it will be your fault if planning permission is refused. Be aware! Be very aware!

If you can do something to remove 'political correctness', then it will be totally worthwhile. Go for it!

Keep records and notes - the 'professionals' will be doing so.


1. Read, rite, rithmatic.
2. Exploration.
3. Health and Safety, or rather, just 'safety'.

subrosa said...

Go for it young man. Junican has a point though. Take your laptop or pad and pen and ensure you keep notes.

You could always ask if they wouldn't mind meetings being recorded so as you can revise them in your own time. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh.....the thought has occurred to me.
About the Stony event.

There is a problem in being seen as 'outsiders'. You know...., 'Tobacco Industry shills'. Also, the pubs and clubs and bingo places (if there are any!) should be taking the initiative.

I have in mind to bring a golf brolly with slogans on each section. (I am sure that you understand what I mean). Each section will have a statement such as, "THE BAN IS CRUEL", or, "THE BAN IS KILLING FRIENDSHIPS", or, "THE BAN IS IMMORAL" or, "THE BAN IS HURTING THE POOREST".

That is, because we are 'outsiders', we do not wish to infringe upon the decisions of the people of Stony. "Who does the open air belong to?" is an interesting question. The thing is that people do not smoke ON the streets, nor do they smoke IN the streets. They smoke in the open air.

Montana said...

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Anonymous said...

Why is there a liberal-progressive quasi-communist mission statement posted as one of the comments on this article? Is it spam or is it someone made an error and posted to the wrong blog or article? Is it to "hope" for "change" that what happened to California and New York taken over by liberal-progressive-reds is what happens to the rest of the US too? Strange comment, strangely out of place and out of context.

Little Black Sambo said...

Montana, how have you strayed into this discussion? None of your remarks has any relevance to it.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think it will take a whole hour??

After asking 'WHY' several times in a row, you may be asked to leave sooner than that.

Gary K.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Probably not.

I have experience of these things, they are the merest talking shops.

They can't change anything or exert any influence; every time they try it's either forbidden or gets buried by the bureaucrats.

You would find it unutterably tedious.

nisakiman said...

Have they asked you the question "Do you smoke?"?

If you answer in the affirmative, then I fear your fate is sealed. After all, think of the cheeeldren...

Dick Puddlecote said...

Weekend Yachtsman: That's exactly how I imagined it. ;)

Mark said...

What is a "parents' council"?

If you want to get on the inside, join the Governing Body.

Anonymous said...

@ LBS Montana's post is probably automated in some form

Montana said...

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