Wednesday 20 July 2011

Stony Stratford Meeting Overwhelmingly Rejects Bartlett Proposals

Councillor Paul Bartlett's motions were later rejected by the Town Council. Nobody present was prepared to second either of the two motions that were on the agenda for the meeting. As a result, the proposals were discarded and did not need to be debated on further by the Town Council.

One speaker asked for a show of hands to see how many people in the room supported Councillor Bartlett's proposals. There were around 150 people in attendance and only 2 people raised their hands - one of those was Councillor Bartlett himself.
See the whole story at AboutMyArea/MK11.

Although Bartlett has seemingly refused to withdraw the ban motion itself, it looks dead in the water on this showing.

Congratulations to the residents of Stony Stratford.


Bucko said...

Great news!

Anonymous said...

148 to 2, bit of a rout. Now, "The next logical step" should be the indoor ban.

Angry Exile said...

Congratulations to the residents of Stony Stratford.

Yes, but let's not forget to credit a certain dismembered jewel thief who rallied opposition to Gauloiseleiter Bartlett's proposal. Pat yourself on the back too, mate.

Twisted Root said...

Echo congrats to Stoney Stratford residents and you've earned a battle honour here Dick.

To have a happy ending all round I think Bartlett needs something to do; I hereby formally nominate him for the position of CEO of ASH.

manwiddicombe said...

Is that another case of "Paul Bartlett gets things done" ?


Sue said...

Congrats to you all! Shows what a little bit of people power can do.

The Spanish Indignados are marching to Madrid to meet on the 24th, collecting people along the way.

People power is all we have left. Our civil servants have become our masters.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Well done Dick. Good result. Hopefully other councils will shy away from trying the same.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta for the kind words. :)

"People power is all we have left. Our civil servants have become our masters."

Very well put, Sue.

ObsceneDilemma said...

Success! just goes to show what we're capable of.

budgie said...

That'll be 99.3% against him.

Can't wait to see how ASH'll spin this one...

Anonymous said...

This result proves that ordinary people have had enough of Anti-Smoking Organisations attempting to rule their lives by using their Alliances and Partnerships to inflict lifestyle restrictions.

I applaud the citizens of Stony Stratford for their decision and Dick Puddlecote for all his efforts.

Ian B said...

Well done everyone involved!

NewsboyCap said...


Congratulations to the residents of 'Stony', looks like they've put the little runt in his place.
Also congrats to your good self, through your efforts Junican has formed the 'Bolton smokers club' of which I am now a member.
He has created a website which hopefully will draw an even bigger membership.
Thanks again for your efforts.

alanx said...

Oh joy! - and a warm thanks to all involved

Bucko said...

NewsboyCap - Do you have a link to the website?

The witch from Essex said...

"Dick Puddlecote gets things done"

Westerlyman said...

Congratulations on winning this battle. The war however goes on and, in my experience, people like Bartlett do not give up despite overwhelming opposition. He will just try to find some other way to impose his views on others.

Shinar's Basket Case said...

*awaits the sequels*

"Son Of Bartlett"
"The Return Of The Son Of Bartlett"
"The Wife Of The Son Of Barlett Co-starring D.Arnott"

But congratz DP and to all who got out of their armchairs and stood up...slowly due to their dodgy knees and bad backs.

Stussy88 said...

If I may quote Sarah Connor from Terminator 1 "You're terminated fucker"

Anonymous said...

@ Bucko.

Early days yet, Bucko. Please do not think that this is some sort of revolution. Please do not push us on this. By all means look at the site, but remember that there is a lot of experiment still to be done. The objective in the first instance is simply to form a group of people, and so if you see the words 'smokers club', do not think of A PLACE - that is not the idea. In this instance, the word CLUB means people and not place - that is very important. Also, the group is not intended to be belligerent. It is more a matter of people getting in touch with each other. Please bear that in mind.

And so I will give you the site:

For experimental purposes, comments would be welcome - but little ones please. At the moment, comments are moderated, but only because I do not yet know how to switch moderation off! But maybe that is for the best for the time being. Cool, slowly, carefully.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I pressed the 'publish' button a little too soon. A few more words:

Newboycap, Alanx and I have tentatively joined forces. Two of us are away on hols in the near future. Anything can happen with the site as yet.

Essentially, this is about forming a group of Boltonians and immediate surrounds. It is not national - national would defeat the object of the exercise. For example, if Bolton Council tried to introduce plans as SS did, we need local people here and now to object. It would be wrong to expect people to come to Bolton from all over the country.

But it goes further. If, say, 50 people join us in Bolton, and there are 10,000 similar towns on average in England, then there is the potential for 500,000 people to be involved nationally. I see it as the only way in which THE PEOPLE can fight against the likes of ASH ET AL.

So don't be surprise at anything that may happen in the coming months. We will have to see. It may be good, or it may turn out to be useless.

We will see.