Sunday 8 September 2013

E-Cigs Are 'Sexy'

Nigella Lawson would struggle to put it better.
"There's vapour like smoke," marvels Matthew Theunissen. "It crackles like a cigarette, gets warm in your hand like a cigarette and there's that familiar sensation in the back of the throat." 
Theunissen stopped smoking this week, one of a team quitting as part of the Herald on Sunday's Quitters campaign. The journalist, 27, had been 10 years on the baccy, but has now bought himself an e-cig and is impressed. 
It is that sort of reaction that Christopher Bullen and his team of Kiwi researchers have seen among the 650 smokers they tracked. 
E-cigarettes are more socially acceptable than cigarettes or patches, and people are willing to use them for much longer, Bullen says. 
"E-cigarettes give the whole enjoyment of seeing the vapour cloud coming up, and there's the manipulation of the product in the fingers, which is cool and sexy."
Only a few years on the market, and already terms like 'cool and sexy' are being banded about? Now that's progress.

Just out of interest, do you know of any instances where patches or gum have been described in such a way? They've been around since the 80s so it might be quite an involved search.

No wonder the pharma industry have cancelled all leave for their political lobbyists of late!

A typical e-cig user, pictured yesterday
Pic from here ... growl.


Rickie said...

E-cigs or D-cigs, electronic or death cigs.

No brainer

Junican said...

Sorry, Ricki, but the same 'scientists' who told you that tobacco is dangerous are also telling you that ecigs are also dangerous. If you believe them about tobacco, you should believe them about ecigs.