Friday, 27 September 2013

The Daily Mail: Peddlers Of Death?

You may remember that the Daily Mail published an incendiary article in January entitled ...

E-cigarettes cause more harm than smoking

They were forced to retract that claim because, well, it was utter garbage. Undeterred, though, they took another junk science-prompted swipe at e-cigs in August.

E-cigarettes contain chemicals that make some 'as harmful as normal tobacco'

Well, it seems that the Mail are convinced that e-cigs are highly dangerous, doesn't it? The clear message is that you should jolly well avoid them like the plague.

Except, of course, when it is the Daily Mail flogging them to you.

Look, DM, it's great that you've joined the e-cig revolution, but wouldn't it be wise to quit repeating the rantings of pretend scientists in the pocket of big pharma first, eh?

H/T @F3zzer


JonathanBagley said...

That looks a bit like an attractive woman smoking. Highly irresponsible. I would almost go as far as deeming it "inappropriate".

Roly Gate said...

They are clearly marketing to children, with the menthol and cherry candy flavours and the girl in the picture. Full marks to DP for finding this despicable advertising which is only geared to profits. I for one am glad we have people in tobacco control looking out for us, and reducing smoking every year. Soon, by 2099, we won't have any disgusting smoking of cigarettes or ecigs, if the bans we so desperately need are delivered.

Ben said...

Ecigs should not be banned. Period. Roly - you are WRONG

Mark Anderson said...

Not that long ago they ran an article about a man who's ecig 'exploded' and almost set light to his car. Now they are selling 'in-car' chargers with NO safety information about good charging practices. Nice work Daily Mail.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Indeed. And, as Jonathan mentioned, the woman is quite saucy so the ad could appeal to teenage boys so should be banned on the same basis as the E-lites ad. ;)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I think he was being a bit mischievous.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

So they did. Thanks for adding that.

Mark Shaw said...

I have raised a complaint with ASA stating a few of the points some have already made as well as the ridiculous puff claims. A complaint to ASA regarding the similar puff claims from a much more reputable ecig seller than the DM was recently upheld so I await the outcome.

Thanks for the H/T DP, but credit firmly goes to for the link.

And yeah Ben, Roly was being sarcastic and is an avid and respected campaigner for ecigs.

lili said...

At least DM got the section right : Body & Health :) and once in a while Roly Gate is good for a surprise:) lol

randy cox said...

In one side every one can say its just for marketing, but their are some benefits behind using E-cigarettes.


Do not have any distinctive odor

Much cheaper than traditional one

Wont affect those who not having habbit.