Saturday, 28 September 2013

Link Tank 28/09

Time for a lazy catch-up.

New York to effectively ban McDonald’s

Debate rages in Denmark about demanding pork be required on menus

Want free beer for the rest of your life?

Top 20 rebuttals to win an e-cig debate

Minimum alcohol pricing off the UK policy agenda, says WSTA chief

Utah city makes porn illegal - 30 days prison for first offence

China plans to legalise games consoles after 13 year ban

University plans orgasm night for female students ... I wonder how many will come

Alcoholic snakebite ... literally


Starship Fighter said...

Good spot on the E-cig rebuttals! I think I've had to use about 15 of them already, especially with my father who is of the 'switching one addiction for another' mindframe. To be fair, he's consistent - he believes that cigarettes should be banned outright - but even he was shocked when I pointed out how much of the NHS is funded by tobacco duties each year!

I still contend that it is vital that every vaper knows these arguments and uses them as in my experience it is generally interested smokers who ask these questions and are more likely to try e-cigs on the recommendation of a happy vaper. The misinformation about them in the media is, IMHO criminal, especially when spiced up with some gross hypocrisy like the Daily Heil's recent efforts. I did fail quite miserably yesterday with a committed smoker though. The drains at work overflowed, and the engineer who came to jet them out had a cig hanging from the corner of his mouth almost constantly. He enquired about my E-cig and I suggested he might like to give them a try, to which he responded 'I'd rather my head be full of smoke than the smell of shit all day...' He had a very fair point...

Edgar said...

Fuck Disqus and its "Don't be a jerk or do anything illegal. Everything is easier that way." Fuck 'em sideways.