Monday, 23 September 2013

Les Voleurs Et Le E-Cig

A fellow jewel robber from La France alerts me to an e-cig business in the Dordogne.
Initiated in 2007 in the Lot-et-Garonne, Cig Liberty was the first company in France to promote the electronic cigarette. At its head, Richard Pfeiffer, a former smoker who after a lot of health problems wished to find an alternative to his smoking. 
On site, there are three models of e-cigarettes (déclinables with options) and more than a hundred consumables. Liberty Cig offers, in fact, 34 different flavors of refills (melon, strawberry through mint, coffee or redbull and aromas around tobacco) declined each time, four doses of nicotine.
He's doing so well, so he is, that it has attracted unwanted attention. In the words of our esteemed reader:
Bergerac, our local town, is the centre of the French tobacco industry (we have a very interesting, and the world's only, tobacco museum!). So, a natural place for the e-cig business to set up shop. 
Burglary is an almost unknown vice outside of the big cities, it just never happens, and as for 'Ram raids' - they don't exist outside of jewellery hoists in Cannes. 
Last night, the plate glass window of 'Liberty--Cigarettes' was stove in by a vehicle - and the entire stock of the shop lifted by thieves. 
Who'd a thought, even six months ago, that the marketing genius of the light fingered brigade would have been turning their hand to 'pssst, wanna cheap e-fag'. 
My taxi rides since have been punctuated by calls from other taxi drivers enquiring on behalf of customers as to any sighting of another shop selling liquid nicotine for desperate vapeurs!
Is this the first instance of an e-cig heist?

Coincidentally, this is just up the road from where the Puddlecotes will be holidaying next August. I shall have to visit the aforementioned museum, I think.


Jack Ketch said...

"(we have a very interesting, and the world's only, tobacco museum!)"

Uhm no, I can name, without googling, 2 tobacco Museum's in Belgium , two in Germany, one in Austria and I'm bloody sure there was one in Holland too until recently.

Crossbow said...

There have already been a couple of big thefts in the UK, and couple more in the US. It seems that the crims are pretty quick off the mark.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Celebratory temples of hedonism, there can't be enough of them. ;)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

A lot of what goes on in Japan would scare the living crap out of nanny inc!

castello said...

I think I've been to that area. Is it close the Sur le Var? A little north of Nice? We've had a few burglaries of vape stores here in the states.