Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Shouldn't Be Allowed

If you ever needed an explanation as to how detached public health is from how we - the people who pay their wages remember - would like to live our lives, just keep an eye on their Twitter feeds.

Here are three examples from just one day.

It's not investment advice being given here, it's expressing disdain that popular products should be so successful. Something should be done about this, obviously.

Because the personal prejudices of a handful of extremists should trump the enjoyment of life by billions of people. Only organic quinoa farmers, owners of craft shops, and recycled tie-dye clothing vendors should succeed in this brave new world desired by George 'Scrooge' Monbiot and his swooning fans.

The poor can go hang too.

Many people like buying tobacco, hence the success of the product; and people definitely like the homeless being helped, especially if it comes through profits from stuff which is being bought anyway. That's a win/win in anyone's book (even some psycho anti-smokers) surely?

Not good enough for the public health industry, though. Better the homeless stay that way and decrease the surplus population rather than accept donations from the extremists' ever-growing list of unapproved legal sources.

And. lastly, how very dare businesses offer the public things they quite like!

Sweets? Popular fast food? Shocking, I tell ya', quite shocking! WH Smiths ought to be ashamed of themselves for understanding what their customers enjoy.

They should, instead, bow to the will of a tiny minority of insipid, joyless tax-spongers who think their Grinch-like view of the world merits taking money from the likes of WH Smiths ... and using it to destroy them.

Will politicians stand up for the public and tax-paying businesses on issues like this, or will they pander to the most intolerant, self-important and anti-social members of our society? Well, what do you think?


Rob said...

Mr Scally: I decline with a polite "No thank you". My Mum taught me that when I was very, very young.

All ye who enter said...

I would'nt mind The Guardian if only it was read by normal people
Surely people only buy it for the job ads as the remaining content is only of interest to the least usefull to society as an whole.
Abandon Hope

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Yeah, but you were also taught not to be nosy and that it's rude to intrude in other people's affairs. Gabriel's Mum forgot that bit.

Radical Rodent said...

No doubt you saw the article on BBC Breakfast this morning (10th)… Live Aid is
investing its money in tobacco, alcohol and arms companies! Shock! Horror!
Cut to a clip of a dude quizzing a group of … who? Selected general population? Not too sure… with the cutting disclosure: “How do you feel about Live Aid investing indirectly in tobacco companies?” (My emphasis.) Cue gasps of indignation and raised hands. What these folks ignore is that, by having a bank account, they are ALL probably investing indirectly in tobacco, alcohol and arms companies, but no matter.

Luckily, the person the Beeb hauled onto the sofa was able to hold her own against the muppets: no matter the company, surely it is better to have the money actually growing than festering – and what can be more poetic than having the “hateful” industry funding (indirectly) the charity?

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Incredible admission by the BBC that they've jumped the socialist shark. Apparently, a charity investing in hugely successful companies to help the poor is shameful!

No fan of Comic Relief normally due to their right-on crap, but right behind them with this non-story.

Licence fee needs abolishing, and fast.

westcoast2 said...

Interesting - http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-12-10/uruguay-legalizes-pot-trade-who-uses-most

truckerlyn said...

"Will politicians stand up for the public and tax-paying businesses on issues like this, or will they pander to the most intolerant, self-important and anti-social members of our society? Well, what do you think?"

I don't believe the politicians will stand up the public and tax-paying businesses because 'others' (don't know who, probably the EU and/or WHO) must have them by the short and curlies (would say balls, but they have proved they don't have any!).

You couldn't run a home or a business in the way recent governments have been ru(i)ning our country, so I can only say God help us! PLEASE!!!

Ivan D said...

All of the people you quote are a long way way to the left of the Labour party. Modern public health is Marxist politics by other means. These people don't work for a living and hate profit making industries.

I doubt that the politicians will take a stand against them. Many of them are cowards who are too frightened of criticism from the self-serving minority to properly represent the majority. Others are active supporters. They don't work for a living either.

Talwin said...

A quick session with Mr Google reveals that Gabriel Scally doesn't eat meat (no surprise there then). So it follows that his snide, patronising remarks about Smith's/Macdonald's are not offered on his own account (as a veggy, why would he care?), but presumably on ours. How kind.

How much longer? said...

"VAPERS" Know your enemies. You are costing them Billions
1 The Tobacco Companies
2 The Government.
3 The Pharmaceutical corporations
4 The Chemist and Pharmacy Racket
5 The Medical profession
6 The Health quangos
7 The smuggling cartels.
All in all, after the pitifull show put up by the normal smokers against the BAN,
People's Observer.

Radical Rodent said...

Fank u for not mecking a meel of mie missteak. Yeh, Comick Releaf, not Lyve Dave.