Friday 13 December 2013

Sponsor A Tobacco Controller Today

The sixth WHO anti-smoker "COP" conference takes place next year in Russia, and already plans are feverishly being made.

I hoped to make you aware of this via a puffer vid published on YouTube, but it seems to have been removed which you can view in the comments. Fortunately for our friendly global collective of finger-waggers, though, I had already screen-grabbed the last slide detailing a heart-rending appeal which I'm sure you'll find impossible to ignore.

You see, they might be awash with taxpayer cash and generous sponsorship from the pharma industry, but there are still a few finishing touches you can help with so that they can enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

Forget starving African kiddies; saving the polar bears; or palliative care for cancer sufferers, this is where your cash should really be going.

Sponsor a tobacco controller today!

But remember ... give an anti-smoker cash and they can nag you for a day; but give them the means to lay bricks or start a productive business, and they get the chance to stop sponging off of us and earn their own frigging money for a change.


Barnes said...

Dick_Puddlecote said...

That's the one. Well found, Sir!

Unbowed said...

No need to worry to much about the gatherings of weary worriers who profess concern for our wellbeing.Let them rant and rave ,pontificate and dictate
Give them plenty of rope,let them ,arm in arm,unaware, waltz into a desperate
finale of their own making. When the time for sorting out comes,lets ensure none have slipped away into safe shadows.
"Every step they take,every move they make"

Toquemada said...

Late snippet
International Consortium cancels MEGACASINO COMPLEX near Madrid with the loss of
$30 Billion investment and up to 250,000 jobs
The owners had asked for LIMITED SMOKING BAN EXEMPTIONS for
certain ares, the Government refused.
And they call it Democracy after Franco died.

frosty said...

Off topic but look at the past history of some of the main protagonists for the smoking ban

Tom said...

With Christmas just around the corner, maybe they'd do well to don little red and white caps and suits and stand outside retail stores with little bells and tin pots and little signs begging for money to support the Anti-Tobacco Industry hate campaigns and propaganda. Sad thing though, if they did, many would mindlessly chuck in money without realizing what they were paying for. If they did of course, it might be the first time for any of them to actually receive any money of significance what-so-ever from the general public - since on nearly all their income statements on public document files show their funding comes almost entirely from government or occasionally from self-interested private industry groups who stand to be rewarded from the hate campaign against smokers, like the pharmaceuticals and their own tax-deduction fake-charities set up to launder funds down their through dirty little anti-smoking industry chain of operations while giving them a tax write-off and thus pushing the onus of their financial gain onto that of the general public, through taxes subsidizing anti-tobacco hate groups aiding and assisting the pharmaceuticals, a nice little closed loop financial loop, being what it is, in the broader perspective.

Mac McCubbin said...

If they scheduled the next one in Arnhem Land, I'd cheerfully stump up to send every single one of the bastards there tomorrow...