Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Desperation Of E-Cig Prohibitionists

The massed ranks of vested interests - financial and moral - lined up against e-cigs have come up with some pretty lame and laughable "justifications" for banning them so far, but I think we have found a clear winner for the title of the most pathetic.
I can almost hear the e-cig enthusiasts now: "But vaping is totally harmless! You can't even smell it! It's just water vapor!" But let's be honest. It's a little bit gross. If you've ever walked through a cloud of second-hand vapor, you're breathing in tiny little water droplets that were just inside some stranger's body.
I take it, then, that - rather than venture out in public on a cold winter day - this neurotic chimp hides away indoors for fear of all that visible breath drifting close to him.

Obama: "a little bit gross"
This is such desperate stuff that I almost pity the effete jerk.


Alan Simpson said...

TBH, His picture sums up the bedwetting dweebs of his class.

ScottWichall said...

Has this dweeb ever had sex? If he is going to get upset about a few droplets of moisture how is he going to feel about tongues and fluids....

Legiron said...

I have no pity. I want to meet him and explain about the breath from others that he can't see. Oh and let's not forget the exhalations of dogs and cats and shrews and sparrows and other carriers of monstrous deforming diseases - and none of that breath has been sterilised by fire.

Then there are those 'exhalations' from the other end, Proven by Experts and Shown by Studies to be a deadly miasma of aerosolised arse bugs. A single dog could bring down a city with one backfire. I can find a reference - it's a load of crap but they've never spotted crap yet, even if it's right off the top of my head.

Then there are the whale farts. They can sink ships.

Ah, I see a whole new game ahead. Let's hope the antismoking train has a while to run yet.