Tuesday, 27 January 2015

David Cameron Creates 'Jobs' In Northern Ireland

Earlier this month, I wrote about an Irish Independent article which reported how their police and border forces estimate the provisional IRA could profit massively from plain packaging.
The Government plans to introduce 'plain packaging' carrying only graphic health warnings rather than the current brand designs will provide the smugglers with a massive boost in profits, customs and garda sources say. 
They estimate that Border-based Provo smugglers are importing around €90m worth of tobacco products a year, mainly from the Far East. Based on the experience of Australia, the first and only country to bring in the plain packaging, they estimate the IRA-controlled trade here could boom to around €120m in value.
Nice work if you can get it.

The daft plan is only a proposal in Ireland thus far. Of course, in the UK, Westminster's village idiot Jane Ellison has announced a vote on the matter - without telling half the cabinet - but the idea requires much more work yet in the Northern Irish Assembly.

Fortunately, though, a Sinn Féin MLA badgered on that very subject yesterday.
Mr McAleer asked the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety whether he is minded to introduce plain packaging as part of the tobacco directive.
Well what a coincidence. Kerching!

How nice of Mr Cameron - who this week gave plain packs his backing - to compensate for the loss of 900 jobs in Antrim with a potential €30m per annum regeneration package on the borders.

No experience necessary, salary negotiable, full weapons training will be provided. What's not to like?


Smoking Hot said...

Y'mean salary whilst remaining on benefits. Choice of currency re salary ... Euros or Sterling. Hours to suit. Full access to extensive range of black market goods. :)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

That's quite some relocation package they have there! Regulated industry, eat your hearts out. ;)

Tom said...

Makes me wonder, but when a politician creates jobs and livelihood for organizations that might be using it to fund terrorism campaigns or organized crime for their own benefit, or both, then what does that say about the base line interests and belief system of a politician who would purposely enable such a thing and be proud of it to boot, enough to spout nonsense loudly in public as part of a propaganda campaign to dissuade anyone from thinking badly of him/her, or of the sort of character and moral background they represent, to be enabling such criminal and terrorist activities in the first place.

It may not be transparent enough now, that the kings wear no clothes, but in the future, when it is considered safe to speak about it in historical terms, then a lot of these sorts will have tarnished reputations and called out for the mean, hateful, lying, corrupt, horrible, upper class criminals, which is all they really are and will be acknowledged as such.

Yet they have no shame and go on pretending that nobody will ever figure out their vile, evil intentions that sat at the root of their corrupted, illogical, heartless motivations based on a grand lie and deception.

truckerlyn said...

Perhaps all the jobs DC says have been taken up in the UK are, in fact, people in training for the black market trade in tobacco products! After all, just because people are, for whatever reason, no longer claiming Job Seekers allowance, doesn't mean they have found work! If they have, it is probably low hours and lower wages!

Then again, he has to blow his own trumpet as very few others are!

Mac the Knife said...

You forgot to add 'Some light knee-capping may be required, own ski-mask essential'...

Mac the Knife said...

You forgot to add 'Some light knee-capping may be required, own ski-mask essential'...

nisakiman said...

Presumably baseball bats are supplied? Or will you have to invest in your own?