Friday 30 January 2015

Irish Jokes

Two politicians in Ireland seem to be doing their level best to reinforce the stereotype about their countrymen.
Senators Averil Power and John Crown want to see a ban on the sale of the products to under-18s, an end to advertising and the consumption of e-cigarettes in public places and places of work. 
It will also include the prohibition of sponsorship by manufacturers and importers of electronic-cigarettes and the use of them in vehicles where persons under 18 years of age are present. 
The bill also provides for standardised packaging of e-cigarettes and the fitting of child safety caps on liquid nicotine bottles. 
Yes, they really are proposing a 'smoking ban' and plain packaging for e-cigs, without any evidence whatsoever that they harm even the user, let alone anyone else.

Erm, wasn't the smoking ban about protecting bar workers from 'proven' secondhand smoke? Well no, of course it wasn't, but it's nice of these two clowns to finally confirm what we've always known. That it was never about health.

Interesting, too, that they have leapt straight into proposing plain packs for e-cigs, something they wouldn't even have considered a few years ago, and something Chapman the coprolite said would never happen. Nope, no slippery slope there. Not at all.

But worry not, my Irish friends, this won't change anything according to Averil.
Somewhere there is a pile of bricks thinking that they're not that thick after all by comparison.

Because bans on usage just about everywhere and e-cigs packs designed to scare people away from using them won't 'discourage' anyone, now will they? Despite the legions of tobacco control industry professionals all over the world having claimed for the past decade that smoking bans are an incredibly effective tool for discouraging smoking, and that plain packaging is a brilliant way of stopping uptake in its tracks.

I suppose we should wish for a bit of consistency, but then liars don't go in for that sort of thing, do they?


The Filthy Engineer said...

I'm not sure that I can hold a lot of sympathy for vapers. They were warned. But too many righteous vapers sneered at the smokers. maybe now they'll realise that if we stick together we become a considerable force against the antismoking zealots

Graham Gords Onezerozeroone En said...

I tend to agree. Vapers are pretty much all, to a tee, just advanced smokers. (Sorry, couldn't resist) we are all of the same ilk. We enjoy nicotine and exhaling clouds. Its about time vapers recruited the 20% of the population, and the 20% of the population accepted vapers so we could turn on the common enemy of tobacco control public health.

At the end of the day, we know full well they have been dipping into our wallets for decades, they're now expanding towards sugar, caffeine will likely be the next target, these health nazi's (apologies to nazi's, cant think of anyone worse as yet) need to be stopped.

Vinny Gracchus said...

The tobacco control quest for total prohibition needs to be stopped. The smoking bans need to be amended or repealed and regulation of e-cigarettes (as well as cigarettes and tobacco) should be based on actual fact not the lies and propaganda of healthiest zealots. It's time to stop persecuting smokers and papers. It is time for papers to join smokers in a common cause to expose tobacco control lies and preserve liberty.

Junican said...

"Our bill won't ban e-cigarettes or discourage people from using them as quit aids. It will just ensure they are properly regulated."

Note the conflation.
1. ...won't ban them.
2. ...not stop use as quit aids.
3. ...regulated.
Conflating is a favourite trick of the charlatans.

Ecigs are not 'quit aids', unless the user wishes that they might be. Users enjoy them. 'Quit aid' equals 'medicalisation'. Thus, what appears to be a reasonable and comforting statement is, in fact, an indication of a plan to take ownership of ecigs via regulation, in much the same way that tobacco products are now 'owned' by the State.
We have seen lots of confusing statements with some healthists appearing to support ecigs, along with lots of lies and confusing claims about dangers.
But be in no doubt - the objective of Tobacco Control is to 'own' them for all intents and purposes.

Ravey Davey Gravey said...

Softly softly catchee monkey, the mantra of control freak politicos everywhere. Go for the 'think of the children' angle, secure control, then expand. Next up : 'Over 18s are vaping around chillun, we need to ban that too'