Thursday 8 January 2015

Painting Lipstick On A Pig

I'm still extremely busy at Puddlecote Inc and consequentially drained, but a couple of observations from catching up today.are worth short commentary.

We're into a new year, but the tobacco control industry is still desperately painting lipstick on their pig of a theory that e-cigs are dangerous.
Cancer Council policy and advocacy director Paul Grogan (snork - DP) said Queensland was leading the way in recognising the potential harm of e-cigarettes. 
Mr Grogan said precautions to protect the community's health had to be a priority. 
"There's a lot of confusion out there around electronic cigarettes," he said.
By 'confusion', he means that people are not listening to the lies he and other pretend 'public health' troughers like him retch up.
Without long term evidence on the effect of e-cigarettes on health, the Cancer Council urged people to be cautious. 
"This was a problem we didn't have a number of years ago. It's a real frustration for those of us working in public health because it wasn't even on the horizon a number of years back. 
"It's something we're just better off without."
Apparently, a product which has led to approximately 700,000 people in the UK quitting smoking is something the tobacco control industry would be "better off without". The "frustration" is that they see smokers slipping through their fingers and not suffering from the state-funded hatred they have spent years constructing. It's not about health with these guys, you know.

Grogan and his ilk don't seem very bright to me, and are destroying their credibility with every daft pronouncement they make. You see, they have spent decades repeating one lie after another about tobacco - mostly to populations which are willing to buy into it because they're not keen on the smell - and think that the same approach is going to work with e-cigs.

It won't.

Only the most anti-social and hideous 1% of the public give a toss about e-cigs ... because they can't smell them. Grogan's target audience for this kind of crap are the relative you hide behind the sofa from when they come to visit you unannounced; the people you cross the road to avoid; the nutters on the bus; and the criminally insane. It's a vanishingly small and roundly disliked minority.

Meanwhile in Texas, the 'public health' cult has even become so desperate as to produce what are effectively slick adverts for tobacco products. You shouldn't try e-cigs because the FDA haven't regulated them ... unlike cigarettes, of course.

We know these people have always been the marketing department of the pharmaceutical industry's NRT sector, but their ridiculous and irrational behaviour is now starting to make me wonder if they're taking cash in brown bags from big tobacco too!

Good grief.


jude said...

Using the "scream test" , often cited by tobacco control nutjobs as the measure of how "effective" their campaigns of lies are, (if tobacco companies or smokers scream, it must be working well, the louder the scream the more effective the campaign), we can see that vapourisers and e-cigs must be working very well indeed to elicit such loud screams of fear and derision from those in the "tobacco control" industry and the pharma corps. The good thing is vapers and advocates for THR don't even have to lie to get this reaction, we can simply keep telling the truth and exposing the lies coming out of public "health".

The screams are getting louder, on a daily basis, now we have government starting to squeal, "wont someone think of our tax take".

Tobacco control nutjobs and zealots are not even good liars, to be a good liar you at least have to make the lie plausible, they can't even get that right :) These people truly hate anyone that wont toe their line, it must be very frustrating.

Jack Listerio said...

First thing they lie about is quit rates..............why because its the only measure of success they can make to keep the insanity rolling.

Jack Listerio said...

Now how can We believe CDC numbers on smoking rates when even the Federal Government knows they are UNRELIABLE!

Survey experts agree that survey respondents understate the true extent of their cigarette consumption. If taken as true, the responses in the surveys we examined, would suggest that, on average, only 70 percent of purchased cigarettes were reported to be actually consumed, which strains credulity. The substantial uncertainty surrounding the degree of underreporting of cigarette consumption in survey data necessarily generates large uncertainty about the magnitude of the federal tax receipts lost due to the illicit cigarette trade. Any estimate of federal tax loss based on survey data therefore should be regarded as only broadly indicative of actual receipts lost.4…


jude said...

You can't really blame people for being dishonest about if or how much they may smoke. There is so much hatred and discrimination towards smokers today, that most rational people would lie about smoking. This allows ANTZ to underestimate the actual number of smokers, to make their hate campaigns look like they are working, when the reality is very different.

When I was smoking, I never told any doctors or health workers, because I knew it would lead to a lower standard of treatment, as well as unasked for lectures. Not a single one of them ever guessed I was a smoker. (They like to pretend that all smokers have black lungs, or other supposedly smoking related disease symptoms, but this is demonstrably a lie).

truckerlyn said...

They also have to keep lying about quit rates to enable their big pharma pals to continue ripping off the government by having their NRT products continued to be used.

E-cigs and the like are interfering with this and big pharma are running scared that their cashcow might stop producing!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Indeed. They're not so much screams as ear-splitting hollers.

jude said...

Yep, as more information becomes available from actual scientists, like Dr Farsalinos , (among others), about the effectiveness of vapourisers, the lies are ramping up from the ANTZ. They're coming thick and fast and its only the start of the year. Kudos to you Mr P, and all my fellow vapers and advocates for the truth, for making the frauds, liars and greedites squeal :)

Anja M ERF vaper said...

disgusting jerks. Showing their real faces and their real motives. Even to those who have not seen through the lies before. Very nice indeed.
- And yes, they are definitely failing their own "scream test". Hehehe