Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bulgaria Is An Industry Shill Now, Apparently

In a democratic and free world, you'd expect legislative initiatives to be open to scrutiny and challenge from the public and from agencies who are stakeholders to the consequences, wouldn't you?

This guy certainly doesn't think so, though.

He is referring to this article which states that Bulgaria - a full EU member state - is using its membership mandate to object to minimum alcohol pricing, as they are perfectly entitled to do and would be shockingly negligent if they didn't do so in defence of their national and business interests.

This, surely, is the very basis of civilised political debate. Scotland proposes a measure; other nations raise objections; discussion of evidence ensues and an approach is taken which benefits the majority of human interests in the long run. No-one could possibly object to that unless they're a cast-iron, pompous fascist.

Perhaps this is just some ignorant geezer soaked with prejudice gleaned from the pages of the Daily Mail or something, I dunno.

Actually, no. This guy - who views a nation exercising its democratic rights as some kind of heresy or shilling for big business - is paid for his anti-social and totalitarian opinions.
Work for public health charity ASH Scotland. Previously Amnesty and Barnardo's.
So a serial sponger of other people's money, then. It figures.

The self-absorbed arrogance of these cunts never ceases to amaze me.


Jay said...

So one could safely assume that some people working for ASH Scotland are in favour of minimum pricing for alcohol? It would seem that this twunt didn't get Deb's message that tobacco is unique.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

You weren't meat to notice that. Tobacco control does NOT set precedents, how many times do you need to be told by idiot Arnott FFS!

Good to know that ASH Scotland are equally ignorant of Arnott's daft theory as the rest of the prohibitionsphere, isn't it? :)

Jay said...

Prohibitionsphere.... me likes that term.

I notice everything, by the way. Cannot be helped.

nisakiman said...

Given that mandating a minimum price for anything is grossly unwarranted market distortion, it's hardly surprising that someone has raised objections to the principle. I can just about get my head around the setting of maximum prices for a commodity (although even that rather goes against the grain), but minimum pricing is a total no no in my book.

John Watson, there is a lamp post and some piano wire with your name on it somewhere, and if you don't butt out of other peoples lives, someone is going to find and utilise them sometime.

What a wanker...

c777 said...

That's what a parasite looks like then?

SteveW said...

I think you're all being terribly unfair.
What I interpreted that to mean is that he thinks that Bulgaria's challenge to minimum pricing is, like the tactics used against tobacco restrictions, a righteous and democratic expression of the people's will.

Or maybe I'm being over generous.

city said...

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