Thursday 13 September 2012

Get 'Em While They're Young

On Twitter yesterday, an example of 21st century school spelling test words was posted. You may find a subliminal message in there somewhere.

Now, far be it for me to say that the government is inflicting its politicised view of the world on kids - which would be an abuse of power if true - but if this is not a hoax it's pretty pathetic of the school involved.

Coincidentally, one of the little Ps (the girl) came home from her secondary school yesterday with a much-anticipated - seeing as we had bought the ingredients at the weekend - and almost delicious ratatouille which she cooked in 'food tech'.

Mrs P took some to her office and shared it amongst her co-workers. They said, generously, that it was very well made but had to add that it could have benefited with "a bit more salt and pepper". The little P was chuffed that they enjoyed it, especially since the faults were not of her making.

"We're not allowed to use salt in our cooking", she stated, "it's a school rule".

Kids being taught that salt is not to be used at all for cooking? I reckon even fat-faced Oliver would cringe at that. The modern world seems to have forgotten that salt is better than gold.

When politicians inculcate kids against long-held, time-proven food preparation methods on the say-so of self-promoters based on century old flawed science, it really is time to flex the piano wire.


SteveW said...

Luckily, with York Hinges becoming more widespread in lamp posts it's getting easier to use them in mass lynchings :-)

No salt in cooking is just ridiculous, but like you say, if they're brainwashed young enough they'll go for anything.

My two (both 8) already know more about windmills than their teachers, and my boy is especially happy telling people how the pressure drop can cause bats' lungs to explode. He seemed quite surprised that none of them were aware of the need for back-up generation as well.

Parents' evening is always, shall we say, interesting.

20_Rothmans said...

While you're at it, where's the MSG? I have this lovely concoction from China which includes salt and pepper - three out of my five a day.

JonathanBagley said...

Oliver did once object to a school salt ban in his cooking. Interesting last link. The salt issue is bizarre and very dangerous - particularly to old people in hot weather. My father was hospitalised due to collapsing from lack of salt in the blood.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

The looking at their shoes as you approach, hoping you won't address them? Yes, I know that experience. ;)

Smoking Scot said...

O/T. Can any of you guys, Scots in particular please give Belinda a helping hand?
She's put up a petition to review the smoking ban in Scotland.

nisakiman said...

Thank heavens all my kids are now out of the 'education' system (although my youngest, having recently graduated, displays some odd ideas about windmills and other 'green' solutions to life - I'm working on that) and grew up seeing the salt pig next to the cooker, ready for the deployment of that most essential ingredient in any cooking process.

Re 20 Rothmans, in Thailand, most restaurants have a bowl or shaker of MSG on the table. Fat Oliver would be apoplectic!

SteveW said...

Is it just me or is there something very wrong with Consensus Action on Salt and Health, donations by cheque made payable to CASH, not remotely shifty...

Bill Sticker said...

When there's a epidemic of kids suffering muscle cramps and keeling over in warm weather, maybe they'll have a rethink. On the other hand, maybe not. The 'world class' (ironic snort) intellects who thought this one up won't have enough basic biological science education to make the connection. Until the lawsuits start.

Mag01 said...

Some examples of the street-level morons created by the
ivory-tower morons of Public Health™:

Arrest Log: Anti-Smoking Dirt Thrower


Dain Palmer Accused Of Pointing Gun At Pregnant Smoker

[check out some of the deranged comments]