Thursday 20 September 2012

Outbreak Of Common Sense Spotted In Melbourne

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I'll be watching you
Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I'll be watching you

O can't you see
You belong to me
You know the song. According to Wikipedia, it is ...
... the words of a sinister, controlling character, who is watching "every breath you take; every move you make".
Remind you of anything?

Hey, it's not my spot, but one from a member of the public health community who is more than refreshing! You can see him speak from around 6:00 minutes in - with introduction from a fellow jewel robber - on this video of the launch of My Choice Australia, a new anti-nanny state organisation down there. If you have time and something nice to sip, do watch the lot though as it's all good.

It's encouraging to know that, even in the prime cesspit of dehumanising nannyism, there are still some souls who can see the threat and are prepared to speak up.

All grease to their elbow, I say.


PatNurse said...

Good luck to them :>)

nisakiman said...

How refreshing.

It was telling, however, that despite having been invited, no journalist could be bothered to turn up. And without the oxygen of publicity, they are doomed to obscurity. They will be, like us awkward squadders here, powerless to stand against the rising tide of the mindless socialist dogma in its multiple manifestations.

But I wish them all the best anyway. They talked a lot of sense.

Christopher Snowdon said...

Some great speeches. I particularly liked Cassandra Wilson at the end - clearly someone who would prefer not to have to speak out but has been left no choice.