Thursday 27 September 2012

Thirdhand E-Cig Vapour: Yes, It's Apparently A Concern

Thanks must go to the kind fellow jewel robber who forwarded me a copy of the aforementioned unavailable study which Raving Mad Stan tweeted about on Friday.

On first skim, it takes itself very seriously so I'll have a closer look at it when I get time. But, for now, I thought you'd like to see this stand-out gem from the preamble.
Another important aspect in the future discussion about e-cigarettes will be the effect of third-hand smoke that mainly describes human exposure against residues of smoking on clothes, furniture, and other indoor surfaces (Matt et al., 2011). In case of e-cigarettes, the solvent of the liquids may remain on available surfaces and be a source for the contamination of residents.
Now, forgive me if I've misread that, but these guys seem to think third-hand smoke - which isn't even a thing - is reason to suspect that third-hand e-cig vapour is a future danger to the population. Yes, water vapour is now dangerous according to the public health racket. Quite remarkable! Think of the children and boil those kettles outdoors from now on please.

The study to which they refer is authored by Georg E Matt, a boggle-eyed fruitcake on the lunatic fringe of even a tobacco control industry which has long lost perspective.

You know you're dealing with someone incredibly deluded when Simon Chapman himself takes time to write a not-too-enthusiastic critique.
Many constituents of third hand smoke can be found in all homes and cars, regardless of smoking

It is important that research documents residuals from tobacco smoke. But it is equally important that consumers and policy makers are not led to believe that the chemical compounds thus located are somehow unique to tobacco smoke. 
The omission of this information in such reports risks harming the credibility of tobacco control.
In fact, he could have been referring to Georg Matt when he wrote this.
Opponents of clean indoor air will be able to point to dubious “endgame” advocacy in nations which have successfully introduced indoor smoking bans, and invoke slippery slope precedents that advocates actually want to ban smoking “everywhere”. This may unfairly brand tobacco control advocates as clandestine extremists with agendas which abandon all proportionality in the formulation of policy.
Proportionality flew out the window years ago, Simon, me old mucker. All that's left is quite astounding fuckwittery.

Probably why, even though this study cites Matt et al as a source - 'research' Chapman has politely condemned - his zealotry still found it perfectly correct to retweet when Nutty Stan made his great revelation to the world of Twitter. 

Not that it was much of a shattering revelation anyway, despite Stan's breathless scaremongery. It's months old and I've mentioned it before.

Still, it's worth looking into further seeing as Stan thinks it's such a cracker, isn't it? What are the odds that the study doesn't show e-cigs are that dangerous, after all? Oh look, it's already been looked into, and no, it doesn't.


west2 said...

In case of e-cigarettes, the solvent of the liquids may remain on available surfaces and be a source for the contamination of residents

I am somewhat confused by this, Correct me if I'm wrong don't solvents evaporate when not in a mix? Even that universal solvent H2O evaporates.

The solvent in the case or e-cigs being PG, Propylene glycol (or VG sometimes PEG). PG being that well known FDA approved human (and some animal) food additive. PG even has an E number --> E1520 as a food additive. Are all food additives a source of contamination for residents?

This raises questions....
Is using toothpaste risky, since it can contain PG ?
Does fog machine PG remain on available surfaces?
and many more...
Were the results of tests (a long time ago) showing PG may prevent flu and respiratory illness inaccurate?
Can PG no longer be used in cosmetics? Especially deodorants?

I haven't seen the report. Do they name the solvent?

nisakiman said...

Same old same old. They just never give up, do they? It really is getting tiresome.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

It beggars belief, doesn't it?

As I mentioned in a previous post ...

An order has gone out from the WHO and the tobacco control industry are sensing a drop in their salaries, so desperate measures it must be. They've tried persuasion and principled stuff but it's just not working, e-cigs are just too difficult for them to make any of their old mud stick.

So it seems they're now just throwing out any old scaremongering nonsense in the hope some of it gets picked up by their useful - and always gullible - idiots in the public.

rothenbj said...

The obesity pandemic may leave TC struggling for those health dollars.

Legiron said...

The drones are now scared of third-hand steam? Oh, I will definitely have a lot of fun with that.

As for Glans, none of the chemicals he mentions are in electrofags. They are all in exhaled breath whether you smoke or not. Acetone, especially from those on diets like Atkins.

The man is deranged and irretrievably stupid. I'd shoot him in the head but it would have no detectable effect.

Spaz said...

Haha, now I'm thinking about third hand toothpaste breath. Danger danger, someone just used crest.

Simon said...

While I agree with the general points in the post you lose a lot of credibilty when you try to pretend that vapourised PG and/or VG, plus a random and frequently unknown combination of chemicals for flavouring, is "water vapour" (or "steam" as a commenter puts it). It's not. It's a cloud of chemicals which, so far as anyone has been able to determine at this time, is probably harmless.

moonrakin said...

He is the father of journalist Aaron Glantz and tobacco control leader Frieda Glantz

Looks like baccy battiness is a family business

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Steven Jeffrey said...

Never heard about this issue, i guess it is nothing more than an anti electronic cigarette propaganda.

International Vapor Group said...

Electronic cigarettes are smokeless so there is no issue of second hand or third hand smoke when using them.