Saturday, 29 September 2012

Link Tank 29/09

The world's been a bit silly this week, it has to be said. 

World Health Organisation considers uniform global tax on tobacco

"We have had a real crackdown on the fake penises"

In the eyes of the state, we’re all plebs

New search engine heralds the launch of the "pornternet"

Compulsory seat belts for dogs proposed in New Jersey

Drunken Norwegian wakes up in Sweden

The cheese smugglers of Canada

Phew! The bacon shortage was exaggerated

The annual beer cleavage festival gets underway in Munich (slideshow)

Polar bear attacks drunken lady with chicken legs

Clever chocolate eating snails


Edgar said...

"Polar bear attacks drunken lady with chicken legs".If I had chicken legs, I'd get good and blootered, too.

moonrakin said...

Swedish Extension to LinkTank

I think there's a connection somewhere

You can't get convicted for being under the influence of drugs in Sweden if you took the drugs in another country

IKEA deletes all women from its Saudi Arabian catalog .. yes - really !!

Cinnamon buns are dangerous to wild boars

Female wild boar with the munchies in the Riyadh branch of IKEA anybody?