Thursday 20 December 2012

Introducing Bear Tripper

Unlike your mostly landlocked transport industry host, there are others who work in areas whereby they travel overseas a helluva lot. Some of them are smokers, so I'm sure many who visit here will be very glad to read contributions from my first invited guest blogger, Bear Tripper.

After some talk via e-mail, I'm pleased that BT will be writing occasional pieces here to inform you as to the state of smoking facilities at international airports and lounges that they encounter, along with tips on policies in hotels and other local establishments around the world.

BT is a prolific business traveller with knowledge of tobacco allowances and restrictions at entry and exit points of many far-flung destinations, along with other observations, so I hope you will give a warm welcome.

The first of BT's articles will appear here soon. Comments and queries are, as always, very welcome and will be answered by BT personally where possible.


Paul said...

Welcome on board, Bear Tripper.

Bear Tripper said...

Thank you - hope you enjoy the blog