Thursday 9 May 2013

Lies And Loathing In Labour

It was interesting to read how Diane Abbott accused a government which - almost tiresomely - consistently insisted it had an open mind on plain packaging of somehow reneging on a "promise".

As Simon Clark observed:
As anyone who has followed the plain packaging debate knows, David Cameron has not broken any promise nor done a u-turn. 
The Coalition Government, bless 'em, never promised to introduced standardised packaging.
Nope, it's a big fat lie from a politician who could be described in the same way.

It seems to be party policy, though, judging from this contribution from Labour's Baroness Royall of Blaisdon during the Lords' Queen's Speech debate.
Neither is there any legislation on the sale of cigarettes in plain packaging—again, a commitment promised and abandoned because of the efforts of the tobacco lobby.
Nope, it wasn't a promise, and it wasn't a "commitment" either. Are these politicians so inept that they have failed to notice the thousands of hints to the contrary? I knew they were stupid, but wow!
It was also abandoned in the face of a political challenger, the leader of UKIP, who was seen in interview after interview last week, after so many Conservatives had defected to his party, celebrating that success with a pint in one hand and a fag in the other.
Like millions of Labour supporters like to do, you mean?
Neither is there any legislation as floated on public health, or on minimum alcohol pricing.
Probably because it is quite obvious that minimum pricing is deliberately designed to punish the poor.

I remember when Labour - who were once led by a Prime Minister who was almost never seen without his pipe - used to represent the working class, but then I'm in my forties. It's so old hat, isn't it?

Nowadays, Labour in Westminster hates you if you like "a pint in one hand and a fag in the other". So much so that they're grumbling that the coalition isn't punishing you hard enough for your free choice.

It is little wonder that UKIP are picking up so many votes when it's hard to recognise where one elite bunch of lying political upper class snobs end and the others begin.

This is not even mentioning their class hatred towards those who eat McDonald's instead of a North London ethnic tofu salad. Good grief.


barnacle bill said...

So very true Dick, nuLabor's time in office was probably the worse government the British working class ever endured.
Now it's all of our political elite that hate us, so I suppose that's an improvement, of a kind!

Ivan_Denisovich said...

Abbott has no saving graces whatsoever. She combines stupidity with deceit and dishonesty in a manner that makes me almost want to vote for David Cameron.

moonrakin said...

I heard the terminally stupid farquit Milliband Minor offering to vote with Cameron for plain packs on the car radio yesterday. What a deeply nasty little jumped up twat.

Single Acts of Tyranny said...

Perhaps Diane would be better employed demanding pies be sold in plain packages and were not on view in Greggs?

Because being lectured by a salad dodger like Di is sickening even in the sewer that is modern politics.

John Gray said...

I absolutely loathe Diane Abbot. I recall her maiden speech in the House of Commons and was struck by the fact that this woman had far more than a chip on her shoulder - indeed, there resting was a massive yule log.

Of course, in those days she was a reasonable advert for healthy living - still slimish and with trendy Stevie Wonder platted hair - but now, this woman is a perfect candidate for a Weight Watchers "before" advert - hence, she would do better following Liam Donaldson's example and loosing weight before commenting on the "unhealthy" habits of others.

But then, if one despairs at the authoritarian nannyism of today's Labour Party don't expect any significant change in the near future, for now, they are lead by Ed Milliband, a man (if you can even call him that) who looks so immature and stupid that next to him even Cameron looks like he has something positive to offer. Moreover, Milliband, let's remember, is the person responsible for the Climate Change Act. This is the infamous piece of legislation that stipulates we reduce carbon emissions by 50%: well, let's take a pick axe to the economy why don't we? In other words, if someone is that out of touch with reality, he has no business holding the levers of power.

Sam Duncan said...

“Are these politicians so inept that they have failed to notice the thousands of hints to the contrary?”

No. They know the truth perfectly well. But they'll throw the slander around anyway. They're hoping - banking on - the public not knowing. They hold us in utter contempt. All that matters is making their opponents look like the bad guys.

I'm reminded of two PJ O'Rourke quotes: “Politics is the art of achieving wealth and power without merit,” and, “Politics is a lousy way for free men to get things done”.

Radical Rodent said...

They want to put plain packs on car radios nowadays?!

How far down the road to Stupid are they going?!