Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Man Who Stood Up To An EU Kangaroo Court

At the start of the month, I wrote about how a travesty was scheduled for an EU committee and linked to where you could watch it.
The opening comments will be delivered by a Labour MEP who I described as - and continue to believe is - the most dangerous European alive today. She will be followed by a series of carefully selected tobacco control extremists who will advance their ridiculous reasons as to why e-cigs should be banned.
What I hadn't foreseen was that a sane voice would have managed to slip the security cordon and deliver a message which was deeply unwelcome, as I tweeted while watching.

It was a stellar performance, believe me.

Now, via the medium of YouTuibe, you can see him back up his sound assertions. I highly recommend this short video to you where Professor Jean-François Etter expands upon his brave testimony of May 7th and describes how the "public health community" are pursuing policies which will "kill millions of people".

Bravo, Monsieur!


Pete J said...

YAY a man with integrity.

Rursus said...

Aye Pete! A man with integrity.

So much integrity, he does not want to agree with the conclusions or recommendations of the report for the french government of Dautzenberg et al.

It appears to me that he is a genuine scientist!

nisakiman said...

Is there an English translation of that PDF? My French is, as they say, rudimentary! Gutter Parisian (Parisienne?) actually, picked up from a lady of the night who I shacked up with for a while, way back when. It would be nice to read and understand more than 10%!

WielM said...

Years ago (2005), Professor Etter (together with Israeli Professor Reuven Dar) published a very interesting study about the effectiveness of NRT products:

Rursus said...

I don't know.

Try google translater - which is not that bad when it comes down to translate from french into english.