Friday 10 May 2013

The Creatures Outside Looked From Pig To Man, And From Man To Pig ...

Busy in Puddlecoteville again, and likely will be for the next few days.

However, after yesterday's revelation that Labour despise the working man (and woman) so much that they will lie to deprive them of their meagre pleasures, I couldn't help but notice this exchange in the commons yesterday.
Angela Eagle (Wallasey, Labour): Many of us were shocked by the omission from the Gracious Speech of the promised legislation to ensure plain packaging for cigarettes. The public health Minister, Anna Soubry, publicly supported the proposal, and when the Leader of the House was Secretary of State for Health he said: 
“The evidence is clear that packaging helps to recruit smokers, so it makes sense to consider having less attractive packaging. It's wrong that children are being attracted to smoke by glitzy designs on packets.”
Note: Anna Soubry supported the proposal when she had no business doing so as a minister before a public consultation has been concluded. If this was done by a Tory about a policy Labour disagreed with, they would be scandalising Soubry and calling for her resignation.
Andrew Lansley (South Cambridgeshire, Conservative): The hon. Lady asked about standardised packaging. I initiated the consultation on standardised packaging, and I did so, as I said at the time, with an open mind. As my right hon. Friends have made clear, no decision has been made in response to the consultation on that. I think that the hon. Lady will recall that the nature of the Queen’s Speech is to put forward proposals for legislation where the Government have decided what their policy is, not to venture into legislation where no policy decision has taken place. It is completely false to imagine that there was ever a question of including reference to standardised packaging in the Queen’s Speech; there never was, and it would not have been appropriate to do so.
As we see above, Labour are desperate to bypass a consultation (to which half a million citizens objected) because they couldn't give a flying fuck what you think. And they are brazenly happy to employ bare-faced lies in doing so.

While Tory Lansley - to his credit - at least recognises that the public are a feature of something which is called, err, a public consultation.

Why do Labour hate the electorate so much that they will lie their arses off to ignore their views? Wasn't their movement originally set up in objection to Tories and Liberals doing exactly that to working people?

Clever man, that Orwell.


John Gray said...

"Why do Labour hate the electorate so much that they will lie their arses off to ignore their views? Wasn't their movement originally set up in objection to Tories and Liberals doing exactly that to working people?" - Dick Puddlecote

Typical Fabians, mate. The Labour Party may have been initiated by disgruntled working men but it was moulded and shaped in the middle class drawing rooms of the Bloomsbury Set and the Fabian society, many of whose members participated in both groups and others of similar ilk.

These people - Virginia Woolf, Lytton Stratchey, Bertrand Russell, Mary Webb, George Bernard Shaw, Rupert Brooke et al - had no real idea how the ordinary working person lived, but thrived on Utopian ideals about how society should be. Moreover, it was a common view that they, "the intelligentsia," should decide the moral grounds on which the rest of us should live. As for the notion of a proletariat led society, this was pure bull manure - words and nothing more, and such high handed approach of top down middle class moralism manifests itself in today's Labour Party which is substantially Fabian dominated (middle class, smug and bumptious) - Margaret Thatcher having done us the "favour" of seeing off Labour's working class left when she destroyed the power of the Unions in the 1980s.

Dr Evil said...

The Gov will get what it wants via the EU tobacco directive. That mandates plain packaging. So our spineless buch of posh boys will point the finger at the EU and say it wasn't them destroying loads of printing jobs. More ammo for UKIP.

spoonman2 said...

Dick, this post has mirrored over to the Libertarian Alliance, and this is what I posted there-

Bear in mind that Keir Hardie campaigned on a temperance platform

Labour have always been at least as much Methodist as Marxist and, with the collapse of Marxism of the non-cultural variety, have simply returned to their Methodist roots.

Anglospheric socialism has always had a very strong element of knowing what is best for The Lower Orders, and giving it to them whether they want it or not. It is fundamentally bourgeois socialism, modelled more on a national Port Sunlight than the Paris Commune.