Thursday 20 June 2013

Common Sense, Integrity And A Bit Of Honesty

The common sense and integrity in the title refers to Royal Bolton Hospital.
Smoking shelters WILL be rebuilt at Royal Bolton Hospital after public votes YES
THE public have spoken — and voted for smoking shelters to be rebuilt at the Royal Bolton Hospital. 
Hospital bosses decided to give staff, patients and visitors the final say on whether smoking shelters should be provided by the hospital. 
In a close-run poll, people who wanted the smoking shelters won with 1,629 votes — just 49 more than those against the proposals. 
Work on three new shelters will start this week
I remember reading about this poll when it was first announced and there was a lot of cynicism at the time.

It shows how low the trustworthiness of public health nags and administrators has sunk (estate agents and bankers will be pleased) that it was widely predicted that the poll would be ignored if it produced the 'wrong' result. But they have admirably stuck to their word and are installing the shelters regardless.


The honesty bit refers to some of the idiot commenters.
"Let's hope someone stops smokers from all congregating around the front entrance, and making people walk through a wall of smoke to get through."
"Smoking should not be allowed at entrances - I object to walking through someone else's stale smoke"
And this is what it has always been about.

It's very clear now that the smoking ban wasn't really about health - the irrational extremist objections to e-cigs being used indoors are testament to that - it was the government using the hammer of legislation to crack an insignificant nut of people, aww bless 'em, who quite simply don't like the smell of smoke. It was the law being used to pander to those who cry 'me, me, me!'.

However, instead of being honest, far-fetched excuses were made about how it was to protect bar workers (which has been proven as guff time, and time, and time, and time, and time again).

Having seen the country remodelled to their egotistical specifications, the selfish, the intolerant and the 'world-revolves-around-me' preciouses have been positively encouraged to proudly display their hateful opinions to the world. Even, as in this case, when the solution is intended to further kowtow to their weak sensibilities and inability to compromise.

Because, you see, they object to being uncomfortable for even the merest fraction of a minute. But they also object to any compromise which would help others and might even end up making themselves just that little bit less uncomfortable. Precisely the reason why, without exception, every single pub in the country - well, the ones that are left, anyway - is now condemned to catering to a loud and objectionable minority, without being permitted even the smallest concession of a room well away from fragile, anti-social bleaters for other customers.

One could have at least a little respect for this 'stuff everyone else' mentality if they'd only campaigned for the 2007 ban for the real reason - that they just wanted everything their own way - instead of inventing fairy stories about wisps of smoke being more deadly than mustard gas.

But at least now their true colours are increasingly laid bare for all to see.

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barnacle bill said...

Perhaps the Westminster cabal might remember they hinted we might get a relaxation on the smoking ban?
No sorry; common sense, integrity and a bit of honesty don't sit happily in any sentence that also contains the word Westminster.