Wednesday 19 June 2013

Tobacco Control Tactics - E-Cig Version

Via the WSJ ($), here is a passage that should chill the hearts of some of the more smug vaping advocates out there.
On the marketing front, e-cigarette makers have also started emulating tactics once used by tobacco companies. They sponsor medical studies and testimonials from doctors, and run television spots advertising the use of e-cigarettes indoors or in the presence of children, since they do not result in second-hand smoke. 
"This is really undermining all the progress we have made in de-normalizing smoking," says Dr. Pisinger."
The denormalisation tactics toward e-cigs are very much underway including - as we see above - smearing valid arguments from suppliers in order to stifle debate. This is how they are able to completely ignore studies which prove beyond doubt that there is no harm to third parties from e-cig use.

It's why certain e-cig defenders who go around dubbing tobacco companies "Big Death" (they know who they are) are not really helping themselves. It's just more ammunition for bansturbators if their prior demonisation of other industries is accepted without question.

All of which reminds me of something I said on these pages three years ago.
You can't pick and choose which liberties you wish to keep, and which are OK to be stamped on. Bending an inch to these people just boosts their power and leads, eventually, to something being attacked which you hold dear.
Surely - in an environment where the same methods are plainly being employed against alcohol, fast food, fizzy drinks etc - we should be learning this by now. It's not like Niemöller is an obscure text, now is it?

Divide and rule works very well for health zealots because all the while the public are happy about others being pursued, but not so happy about the same treatment being meted out to themselves, the health lobby are unencumbered - they just want to ban everything.

Wise up.


Shadow Guest said...

Excellent post, DP. There’s much wisdom in that thar

Shadow Guest said...

…. says Dr. Pisinger

Now, that’s not really his name, is it?

LF said...

Actually, yes. But I guess more danes know her by her "pet name" Charlotte Pishoved (danish for pisshead) She writes editorials like thisone

Now quit smoking, how hard can it be. Starting with this sentence;
A smoke free Denmark can sound naive and unrealistic for non smokers, and scaring and provocative for smokers.

westcoast2 said...

"Wise up"

Indeed- well said (again and again and....I hope not again, yet fear it will be)

What the.... said...

The calibre of people in UK (and elsewhere) politics is pretty well at the nitwit level.

Smokers are 'drug addicts', says public health minister Anna Soubry

And by what great advisement did shallow Anna come to this realization that she now wants to share with the world? Well, her daughter – courtesy of years of antismoking brainwashing in the “education” system - said so…… probably while her daughter was also picking her nose.

"Children are a very effective way of putting out public health messages," Mrs Soubry said.

That’s right, Anna. Something along the lines of the Hitler Youf:

Proctor (1997) continues that “throughout this period, magazines like Genussgifte (Poisons of taste or habit), Auf der Wacht (On Guard), and Reine Luft (Pure air) published a regular drumbeat against this ‘insidious poison’ [tobacco], along with articles charting the unhealthful effects of alcohol, teenage dancing, cocaine, and other vices. Dozens of books and pamphlets denounced the ‘smoking slavery’ or ‘cultural degeneration’ feared from the growth of tobacco use. Tobacco was branded ‘the enemy of world peace’, and there was even talk of ‘tobacco terror’ and ‘tobacco capitalism’ …. The Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls both published antismoking propaganda, and the Association for the Struggle
against the Tobacco Danger organized counseling centers where the ‘tobacco ill’ could seek help” (p.456-457); “Hitler Youth had anti-smoking patrols all over Germany, outside movie houses and in entertainment areas, sports fields etc., and smoking was strictly forbidden to these millions of German youth growing up under Hitler.” (www.zundelsite – January 27, 1998.htm)

And good ol’ shallow Anna has also settled that:

Mrs Soubry made the comments as she signalled her firm support for removing all packaging from cigarettes, which she admitted puts her at odds with many people in the Conservative Party.

Her dog probably advised her of that “gem”. Go Anna!

Mrs Soubry said another major reason she quit smoking cigarettes was the decision of the last Labour government to ban people from smoking in public places.

Shallow Anna is such a pitiful coward: