Sunday 23 June 2013

Proven Liar Vivienne Nathanson Is Doing It Again

Do you remember proven liar Vivienne Nathanson?

No? Well, she works for the British Medical Association (BMA) which is basically a union for the medical profession. Here she is blatantly lying to the BBC in 2011.

On that radio spot, she was 100% confident that the rubbish she was spewing about smoking in cars had been peer reviewed and was incontestable. She was very certain about it.

It was not the truth at all. In fact, it was such utter garbage that the BMA were forced to quietly issue a humiliating correction a few days later.

It would appear that she hasn't learned from the experience.
"There is some small amount of emerging evidence of some people, particularly children, using [e-cigs] as an access source to get the nicotine hit," said Viven Nathanson from the British Medical Association.
Err, what evidence Vivienne? There quite simply isn't any - not even junk stuff provided by your corrupt friends - to refer to.

Unless, of course, she is talking about this from ASH last month (emphasis mine).
Among children regular use of e-cigarettes is extremely rare. Children who had heard of e-cigarettes were asked about their use and knowledge of them. What little use that is reported is confined almost entirely to children who currently smoke or used to smoke
• 1 in 10 16-18 year olds who had heard of e-cigarettes (1 in 20 among 11-15 year olds) has “tried e-cigarettes once or twice”.
• 1 in 100 16-18 year olds (0% 11-15 year olds) uses e-cigarettes more than once a week.
• Among young people who have never smoked 1% have “tried ecigarettes once or twice”, 0% report continued e-cigarette use and 0% expect to try an e-cigarette soon.
Is this really the proven liar's 'emerging evidence' of children 'using them as an access source to get the nicotine hit'? 0%?

What the hell is this woman's problem? Why can she never give an opinion based on facts and proper evidence?

Do you reckon the BMA might receive funding from pharmaceutical companies?

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