Sunday, 2 March 2014

Jewel Robbing Spotted In The BMJ

Via Twitter, it seems that Koi-bothering fossil Simon Chapman has been spitting dentures at Chris Snowdon in the BMJ. Well, kinda.
Snowdon's blog is little more than a foaming sewer of schoolyard invective. He has no economic qualifications and to my knowledge has never published a single piece of research in any peer reviewed journal. 
Here are some choice examples he has fired at me in recent years: 23 May 2011: “His insane wibblings are worrying yes, but still bloody funny to read. It's quite incredible that such a retard has achieved so high a profile since he must take 10 minutes every morning figuring out how his trouser zip works.”
I think the cobwebbed goofball is getting confused, bless 'im, because that particular observation was written in the comments here by, err, someone else.

Now, if claiming a remark about Chapman's stupidity is made by Snowdon when it clearly isn't actually made by Snowdon, doesn't that simply prove that the remark was correct, whoever wrote it? Just saying.

Still, he's not alone in tobacco control industry circles for struggling with basic reading skills. Some may remember an article here about my tobacco tactics web page* where the same type of cringeworthy schoolboy error was made**.
[Dick Puddlecote] also calls, ASH's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Deborah Arnott a "wanker" who is "paid for out of your taxes”.[22]
I found this curious as I didn't remember it, which is unusual. Hardly surprising since I didn't say it.

It was lifted from a quoted section of an article by Tim Worstall.
And I’ll even make a deal. When Deborah Arnott’s screen and radio appearances, public utterances, are accompanied by a “this wanker is paid for out of your taxes” warning then I’ll make sure that my income, and thus my funding, is similarly disclosed. Until then you’re all cordially invited to fornicate and travel.
As you can see, even Timmy didn't directly call Arnott a wanker. A non-existent message from an unspecified fantasy government department did.
Seriously. Did these people not learn comprehension at school like the rest of us?

* I understand the page became a comedy classic after being discovered a year later by vaping forum members.
** And is still uncorrected to this day. Pfft.

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Crossbow said...

Reading and understanding is a common lack with all too many of these people. I can only assume they learnt from the master - look at Glantz's Interpretation of pretty much everything that's ever been written (including some stuff he is an alleged co-author of)

What the.... said...

Some more “fixing up” of history by the antismoking nut cases:

What the.... said...

Some more “fixing up” of history by the antismoking nut cases:

Frank J said...

Oh, dear. That seems to have upset poor Simon. Goody, goody. What a fabulous argument he gives. His reasoning is superb. I'm convinced!

Geoffers said...

Quick question - what's the origin of the term "Jewel Robber" in this context?


Dick_Puddlecote said...

See this article.

Junican said...

The big subject is the identity of the person holding the drip, but the funny thing is the airbrushing out of the cigarette in the person's right hand. That was a favourite trick of the Soviets, wasn't it?

Anto said...

Plain packaging news from Australia: