Sunday 9 March 2014

What You Won't Hear From ASH

If you haven't yet seen it, there was a particularly ignorant and anti-social article at HuffPo earlier this week written by a psychopathic anti-smoker. Entitled "Why smokers must be shamed", it argued - amongst other nonsense - that smoking outdoors in public should be a criminal offence and that smokers should not be allowed to work with children. Oh yeah, and that e-cigs should be included too, just for jolly.

Yes, really.

Frank Davis and Redhead have filleted the piece nicely, but there is one group of organisations which will say absolutely nothing on the subject.

You see, ASH pretend that want the debate to be about smoking, not smokers - as they say on their website.
 We do not attack smokers or condemn smoking.
Yet you know damn well that they are happy for others to do so. Their silence about the HuffPo article - which is guaranteed - will speak volumes.

Because, for a rent-a-quote group like ASH, it's telling that they will get their comments into any piece about smoking - like this one this weekend about a school which values education above anti-smoking dogma - but routinely fail to intervene when nasty little fascists like the HuffPo author spout their bile.

They were also silent when a report claimed that anti-smoking policies are harming the less well off.
Smokers are like ‘migrant and indigenous groups’ in past centuries who were seen as contaminating the rest of society and threatening the way of life of normal, healthy people, Professor Graham, of York University, added. 
Her report calls for anti-smoking campaigns to be redrawn so they try to help the poor improve their lives.
Nothing from ASH or their friends. Nada. Zilch.

It's not like they're unable to do so, as we saw when Stephen Williams wrote an article for Lib Dem Voice about plain packaging. In that instance, ASH's Arnott and Phil Rimmer - along with other state-paid tobacco control lobbyists - were queueing up to get stuck into the comments.

The tobacco control industry also had absolutely nothing to say about a Luton Herald & Post article in 2011 - in the same week that Anders Breivik killed 69 people in Norway - which thought it hilarious to talk about shooting smokers on sight.

So let's set a squad of licensed snipers on the streets, with permission to pick off smokers whenever there's a clear shot. 
I confidently predict that the prospect of having your head blown off while enjoying what you didn't realise would be your last cigarette would give smokers up and down the country an extra incentive to kick the habit. 
And if they defiantly carry on puffing, when they are popped between the eyes it will save the health service all the costs of caring for them in their declining years. 
We know bans don't work if they're not enforced. My way is simpler, and a lot more effective. 
Alan Dee, Herald & Post (July 21, 2011)
They industry was, however, very quick to squeal about an equal and opposite reaction to it from Freedom2Choose.

Ask ASH - or any other anti-smoking organisation, for that matter - on Twitter to condemn anti-smoker hatred or blatant lies from fellow tobacco controllers and you'll be met with silence. I know because I've tried.

We can, then, only assume from this that they're quite content for the most repulsive and vile anti-smokers in our society to advance their disgusting ideas, and will barely shrug on the day that a smoker is actually killed by one of these psychos.

I suppose Debs and her cronies could prove me wrong when they're back in their tax-funded office tomorrow and post a withering condemnation of the HuffPo author's rancid views in the comments, but don't hold your breath. They'll probably send her a congratulatory email instead.


theprog said...

'We do not attack smokers or condemn smoking.'

They don't need to - they let useful idiots do it for them.

Junican said...

She's pushing her book. Does she have any power? I think not, therefore her views are irrelevant. But I am glad she 'shared', since anyone with an iota of sense will see the nonsense and be alarmed.
I am glad when I see such rants - they must alarm ordinary people. ASH ET AL at least try to put a logical gloss on their pronouncements. It is nice to see someone saying what ASH ET AL really mean.
The more of these rants, the better.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

It's true that her idiocy helps our cause, but why are ASH and their ilk so happy to ignore nasty shits like her? If they had any integrity (pfft) they'd be telling her that she is way off base and should shut her trap.

Instead it'll be tumbleweed.

Junican said...

I think that it is because ASH ET AL have an agenda which they are sticking to. I don't think that they are the slightest bit interesting in individuals. They think 'population wide' and use advertising techniques to spread the propaganda and pseudo-science. They avoid taking a position since the situation is a win-win for them, provided that they neither support nor deny.
It would be nice if this girl was actually being provocative deliberately with a view to taking anti-smoking dreams to the extreme. How do we know that it is not so? She may have her tongue firmly in her cheek. I wonder what would happen it lots of journalists did the same thing - pretend to be all for more persecution? What would politicians say if they were asked to pass a law saying that smokers were child abusers?
It ought to be our aim, if only we had the power, to draw out Tobacco Control's ultimate aims and force them to demand their ultimate aims NOW. Why have no tobacco company executives ever been accused of murder/manslaughter because they have been 'knowingly' selling 'cancer sticks' for decades?
Mind you, it ought not to be our job. It ought to be the tobacco companies' job to draw out the intentions of the tobacco control industry. What are they afraid of?

What the.... said...

Spot on, DP.

Waiting for ASH to offer “corrective words of wisdom” to an antismoking bigot? Or from any of the antismoking unintelligentsia?


Yep, that be the sound of stridulation of members of the
Grillidae family -

That’s the sound of crickets.

The neurotic, hateful Jemma is a star pupil of antismoking “education”. Little Jemma has lapped up the inflammatory antismoking propaganda to repetitive strain injury. In antismoking circles, Jemma is an “unsung hero”. Don’t be surprised if good ol’ Jem gets herself an invite to one of those five-star antismoking events where she can be bestowed with one of the numerous ego-stroking, bigot-empowering antismoking “awards” for services to society/humanity.

Just a few weeks ago we had another of the thoroughly brainwashed screeching “I’s bin raped by secondhand smoke”. If I remember correctly, that vile, abominable rant was also met with the sound of crickets (Grrrr……Grrrr……Grrrr) from the antismoking brigade.

Antismoking is political activism of the worst kind where fraudulent, highly inflammatory claims are masqueraded as “science and scholarship” (appeal to authority). All of the inflammatory propaganda is intended to promote irrational fear, outrage and revulsion, made to appear as “moral superiority”. It is incitement to hatred. And the “morally superior” then demand “protection” (in the form of numerous laws/bans) from the “irresponsible smoker addicts”.

No, Jemma isn’t saying anything new. She is stating the rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, spittle-zone-within-3-metres, antismoking position. Public bans on smoking? That’s what the rabid antismoking nut cases have been seeking from the outset. Thirdhand smoke “danger”? That’s come from the top as well. Jemma is just parroting what the well-paid medically-aligned zealots have been feeding, with State support, into her impressionable mind for decades. Why would the zealot nut cases criticize their handiwork? They take great delight in the “Jemma type” – another unquestioning fool “converted” to their [dark] side.

The current antismoking crusade is proceeding (i.e., deteriorating) just like previous crusades. Where antismoking is sponsored by the State - where antismoking nut cases are appeased, coddled, placated, and financed - the antismoking claims become more absurd and hysterical and the demands more draconian and inhumane.

Jax said...

I didn't read the whole article because I, like pretty much everyone else on here, kinda knows the sort of stuff she'd be coming out with. But I did read the comments (which are often more interesting that the article itself in pieces like this, and are a good indicator of public opinion in general), and I was pleased to read that all the reasoned, thoughtful comments very thoroughly lambasted this youngster's extremist views. Many from non-smokers, too, which is always heartening to see. My favourite was from the chap who had recently given up smoking but said that it took him so long to give it up because he'd dreaded the possibility that he'd end up with attitudes like hers! The only supportive comments were the usual two-lines-of-vitriol spouted by people of the same extremist mindset as the author and none bore any signs of serious thought, rational argument or even the barest of research or knowledge. You know, the playground "Pooh, stinky, pooh!" type comments that always appear. Nice. Mature. Which, again, is a good sign that even amongst non-smokers, antis are fast becoming an increasingly isolated extremist minority.

Ivan_Denisovich said...

"If the unit does not allow alcohol or drugs, why would they allow smoking?
I surely don't need to pass further comment on this quote from ASH as I assume that your readership is brighter than the average local or national politician.

Talwin said...

Jemma Wayne's website tells us she may be contacted by email on

Why not let her know how much you enjoyed her Huffpo article.

smiffy01 said...

Morning DP, the "Sniper the Flappers" caused much discontent among certain quarters but it is still available (with full content) at [ ].
It never fails to amaze me that ASH said nothing about Alan Dee's absolutely ridiculous piece inciting the anti smoking nutters to shoot smokers yet as soon as retaliation came; ie, "popping a few ASHites between the eyes....." the law was immediately involved with threats of prosecution etc. It just goes to show that ASH want everything on their own terms and as Corporal Jones was wont to say "they don't like it up 'em sir!".

Manx Gent said...

"Arnott said: "I'm happy to argue on the basis of facts and evidence."
Suprising about-face there, but she says so in the Guardian article, so it must be true.
And if your'e tracking this, ASH, I'm a lifelong non-smoker with no fag industry connections. I just happen to believe your approach is illiberal and completely wrong-headed. Prove me wrong, objectively, or stop wasting public money.

DP said...

Dear Mr Puddlecote

Read the whole thing. The poor dear is off her trolley.

Wednesday 12th is No Smoking Day:

Dug out my leftover B&H from last year (9 of 10), and, um, got them wet. They're drying nicely. Should be OK for the first of my 3 a year habit (6 if those awfully nice people insist on running Stoptober again).


Edgar said...

What a pity you spoiled your contribution by, not only providing a link to Wiki, but also by explaining in moron-English what 'stridulation' means. You don't need to dumb down here: we aren't as stupid as the media seem to have convinced you we are.

Runoutofpatience said...

Let them incite hatred,
cause division,
spout their spite,
propogate their paranoia
provoke violence......AS LONG AS THEY REMEBER
It works both ways and anti smokers should be alerted that hatred and spite
can lead to all sorts of nasty reaction in which polite civilized behaviour plays no role.............
The ends justify the means...........Talking is over

Roger_Lafayette_From_ECF said...

I don't have any way of emailing you, but I'd appreciate some feedback on this ECF post if you have any. It's about the "minor gateway meme" on vaping which is being gradually constructed here in the states. I'm user Roger_Lafayette, I believe you've seen my posts before. You can PM me at ECF too.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Hi Roger, sorry for the late reply, been ridiculously busy. My email is on the contact button at the top of the page. Thanks for heads up on the forum thread. :)