Monday, 31 March 2014

When Is Bullying Not Bullying?

When a state-paid European health lobbyist says so, of course.

It seems that 'public health' has spent so long modifying words to avoid justified anger that they're starting to believe their own propaganda.

You see, they don't shame you into eating healthily, they encourage; they don't coerce you into drinking less with tax escalators, they 'nudge'; they don't scaremonger governments to consider fat and fizzy drink taxes, they educate; and they don't force you to quit smoking with hikes in duty, smoking bans, denormalisation etc, they help you.

So when it is suggested they're a bunch of rancid bullies ...

None of the obscene tactics employed by the state-funded healthist cartel is 'badgering' or 'bullying', apparently, and Monika is quite offended at the suggestion (even though she admits that smoking bans are a way of forcing you to quit). However, forthright objection to her line of 'work' in small chunks of 140 characters or less is most certainly 'astonishing' bullying.

Got that?

So, for example, this is not bullying in any way, shape, or form.
THREE residents of a nursing home, all in their 90s and two of them in wheelchairs, are being asked to give up the habit of a lifetime. 
All three are being told they have to stop smoking when the ban on cigarettes comes into effect at their nursing home in Co Offaly next week.
Nor should public health be ashamed of themselves for this.
Anti-smoking campaigns and laws have turned smokers into a despised underclass, a study by a Department of Health adviser warned yesterday. 
It said smokers have come to be seen as disgusting and dirty and are increasingly becoming regarded as outcasts. 
The vilification is also stoking up prejudice against the poor because those who are already on low incomes or at a disadvantage are most likely to be smokers, the report by Professor Hilary Graham found.
Fortunately, as we see from Monika's self-denial above, their arrogant collective superiority complex shields them from self-doubt while they continue to denormalise, marginalise and - yes - bully those who simply wish to be left alone.

In fact, their strategy to ensure smokers in particular are seen as malodourous; litterers; selfish and thoughtless; unattractive and undesirable housemates; uneducated; a social underclass; addicts; excessive users of public health services; and employer liabilities is considered a huge positive in 'public health' circles.

Anyone who suggests otherwise is just a nasty troll.

It doesn't matter if you're happy and content with your life, 'public health' is there use your money to make you be healthy. So it's certainly not bullying ... d'you see?


Ed of Ballsworth said...

I see a building movement against the Health Nazis in America. It is encouraging

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Good to hear, long may it flourish. :)

MarkWadsworth said...

Fergus Mason nails it, within the confines of a Twitter post, but the point about public health was, "To prevent you becoming sick... because of what other people do or just stuff generally and which are outside your control".

Self-inflicted and non-contagious things (which aren't diseases anyway) like smoking, boozing, obesity, smoking weed etc. are therefore not a public health issue.

Being beaten up or run over by a drunken twat is a public health/crime issue. Your neighbour piling up garbage in his home and garden and attracting vermin is a public health issue.

Being forced to stand outside the pub to smoke in all weathers and thereby having more colds and flu than otherwise is also a public health issue :-)

St Crispin's Lot said...

There are many ways of dealing with Health Pests and whimpering aint one of them. Get the message to them ,they are pushing their luck,sooner or later they will have to come out into the light and face some reality.
No ,not the digital dandies who achieved sweet FA these last few years,
sod all with all their ghostly gasping,pointless papping and tiresome twittering.

What the.... said...

From Siegel's blog -

Jax said...

Hmmm. Interesting. And you think people should be doing what,
exactly, instead? I for one would be very interested in learning about at least one or two of these "many ways" ...

Ivan_Denisovich said...

The last time I looked, darling Monika was funded by the EU using taxes extorted from us. There are ways of registering your disgust for superstate funded Marxists. She is a very unpleasant example of humanity and I see no reason why we should be forced to pay for her.

Sunex Amures said...

I hate it when they say they are 'supporting' smokers and see facilities for smokers as 'quitting clinics'. When the Dutch equivalent of ASH was 'denormalised' of their funding by their government one of their protests was it was denying smokers 'support'. The the major tool of 'denormalisation' is the orchestration of public disapproval by giving permission to hate. And boy do the public fall for that one - just look at any comments thread when the MSM publish articles about 'obesity', smoking, alcohol, etc. The use of the words 'epidemic' and 'addiction' when applied to widespread behaviour which is largely tolerated but disapproved of by elites, is a way of appropriating authority by health activists (aka political activists) in areas where otherwise it would not exist. Similarly the repeated use of words like 'toxic', 'lethal', are used to stir up alarm especially if associated with second parties or children. Why more people can't see this blatant manipulation baffles me but slowly but surely the message is getting across.

Sunex Amures said...

So would I - seriously.

Lollylulubes said...

Powerful propaganda creates repression. Targetting offensive behaviour in the States ..... repeat for anything you fancy ..... smoking, ecigs, obesity, etc. Crackhead Carriers: Outbreak Narratives and Expansion of State Power by Arielle W. Tolman via @matdryhurst

Short, to the point video: Stop Asking Nicely via Captain Ranty

We need this x 100+ - Business owners in 30 towns/cities across Alberta petitioning government - Stop Bullying

Rosalina Margoya said...

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Jax said...

I note a deafening silence from our St Crispin. C'mon Crispy! Just one of the "many ways" would do ...