Wednesday 26 March 2014

Two Slippery Slopes Confirmed In One Day

It looks like tobacco control's Myth 7 has finally been put out of its misery.

Via Reuters.
Plain packaging is seen by public health advocates as the dawn of a new era of restrictions on unhealthy products, and many observers expect a similar campaign against marketing of alcohol and unhealthy foods if the anti-smoking drive succeeds.
OK, it was always an open secret, but it's nice to have it all out in the open now.

The article also shows up one of this blog's figures of fun as more of a clown than we already took him for.

Which is not strictly true. In fact, it's laughable fantasy - but we have to make allowances for the addled old nerk, perhaps he's struggling with that new-fangled internet thingy. If only he'd tried Google before burbling.
Ukraine asked WTO Director General Roberto Azevedo earlier this week to nominate panel members, and Australia said it would ask Azevedo to do the same for Honduras and join the two cases together. 
Despite the change of government in Kiev, Ukraine's representative at the meeting said it remained "actively committed to proceed" with the dispute.
Meanwhile - just like the BMJ - another journal which pretends to be impartial has decided that peer review is utterly useless, and that their integrity is not worth a (fairtrade) carrot.
Why the European Journal of Public Health will no longer publish tobacco industry-supported research
'Public health' advocates have already started popping environmentally-friendly screw tops on their organic cabbage smoothies in celebration at this censorious news ... it's a dream come true!

Remember, there is only one side of any debate as far as 'public health' is concerned, and your freedom of choice is entirely irrelevant, as is the opinion of anyone who tries to defend it on your behalf.

So sayeth our Lords: "We are the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the debate except through us." - Gospel of Public Health Saints verse 14, chapter 6.


SteveW said...

Dick mate, I've given up being surprised by the depths these buggers will plumb; sad, yet oddly amusing to watch :-)

Observer said...

The air we ALL sic breath. Another snippet .
The Boeing 777. Re Malaysian lost airliner.
Fuel Payload 181,283 Litres
Equals 240,601,381 cigarettes ( Yes 240 MILLION +)
PS There are 1300 777s in service

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