Saturday 15 March 2014

Link Tank 15/03

It's been a spectacularly busy week in Puddlecoteville hence the lack of content. So many articles I want to write but without even a glimmer of time to do so - hopefully things will calm down in coming days.

For now, some links I did manage to catch amidst the chaos.

The anti-e-cigarette conspiracy

The bores declaring war on Aussie boozing

China’s gambling capital battles to shed bad boy image

Italian woman is told her 50k euros worth of lire are worthless

KFC Canada takes on the Big Mac with the Big Boss (pic)

New Zealand philanthropist offers beer to students for catching rats

Kate and Wills should think of themselves as a couple first, parents second

US town bans beach tents

Video game playing chimps


Peem Birrell said...

The Italian lire would only be worth 50k euros, not 50 mill - still be nice to have. Reminds me of the ostmark thing in 'Goodbye Lenin'

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Ta for the correction, I've been reading in haste.