Saturday 29 March 2014

Link Tank 29/03

A lot of beer talk this week.

It was wrong then and it's wrong now. A decade of smoking illogic

Save the boozy lunch (pic)

Even the innocent should worry about sex offender apps

Mother jailed for drinking beer while breastfeeding

Why individual liberty could be the new election battleground

Cheap booze? Sound as a pound!

Say women and men are different in Belgium, and you can now be prosecuted

Those damn irresponsible kids and the binge-drinking epidemic, eh?

Porn Studies journal publishes its first issue

Russian military dolphins


Room with a view. said...

Belgium! men=women EUReichsgesetz (GEN IIX sub articum563 sec IX div 58)
Nothing new in the UK. Check out any pub more than half full and it would be difficult to spot the difference. Pop outside for a fag and find even less differential of the genders. In the South East its surprsing they still have separate toilets

nisakiman said...

Mum jailed for drinking beer while breastfeeding

Ms Conners took her concerns to restaurant management but was told they had decided not to act.

After consulting with her own mother, Ms Conners rang the police.

And that is what is so badly wrong with society today. Interfering busybodies that just can't help themselves.

Still, Ms Connors would undoubtedly find herself a rewarding career in 'Public Health' with like-minded colleagues, bossing people around and telling them how they should live their lives.

It rather goes to show how comprehensively people have been indoctrinated by the PD ideologues. Sad.

Sunex Amures said...

As the state seeks to control every aspect of our lives, especially what we do in our own homes, it increasingly relies on its citizens (especially children in some circumstances) to spy on others and report them. Direct policing would be problematic otherwise, involving as it would an army of unpopular paid officials. This is the age of the state approved spy/busybody who will further the state's agenda (and reach) at no extra cost.
I'm glad, though, that it all blew up in 'Ms' Conners face, I've heard of similar cases where the sneak has come off worse.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Ha! Read that in a Gloucester pub garden and laughed so loud it startled a few. :)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Indeed. Right nasty piece of work, I thought. Superb that she suffered as a consequence.

People V Westminster said...

Another AIR WE ALL BREATH snippet
For all the wearisome parish pump blitherers concerned about S.H.S
One Boeing 747 on one long distance trip
= 311,714,429 cigarettes ( 311 MILLION +)
One for the VAPER banning Stagecoach buses
ONE (1) Manchester route IN ONE DAY
= 947,OOO smokers
Anyone fancy a guess at Heathrow's daily fag equivilent