Saturday 8 March 2014

Link Tank 08/03

Following another week of moral panicking ...

A tax on sugar would be a bitter blow to personal autonomy

E-cig bans are based on medieval belief systems of primitive people

Man loses 56 pounds after eating only McDonald's for six months (pic)

Public health junk science exposed again, this time about animal protein

Celebrity drug deaths remind us that criminalisation is both cruel and ineffective

How technology has doomed the BBC licence fee

'Prostitution for beginners' courses upset feminists in Spain

Turkish PM considers a ban on Facebook and YouTube

The new French craze of protesting with poo

Bully who outed Duke porn star has his porn preferences publicized

Engineers and penis rings


Sam Duncan said...

“How technology has doomed the BBC licence fee”

And, lo and behold, the UK justice secretary is considering decriminalising licence-fee evasion. The BBC complains that “Just a 1% increase in evasion would lead to the loss of around £35m, the equivalent of around 10 BBC Local Radio stations”. Well, it's a start...

ftumch said...

The comments are encouraging:

The positives are anti the licence fee ("That you can be sent to prison for failing to fund awful entertainment beggars belief!") and the negatives are all about the fines not being big enough for evasion and the top negative suggesting the fee should be added to the council tax.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Brilliant to hear, Julieann. It's actually not that rare, as I've read about many other trusts doing the same thing recently.

Just for info, about a month ago, I visited a Puddlecote family member in hospital and walked past the "this is a smokefree site" signs everywhere stating that you couldn't even smoke in the car park. Yet the ambulance drivers and couple of nurses were smoking without a care directly outside the entrance to A&E. ;)