Sunday 26 August 2012

Fake Charities: Making The World Grey And Dull, One Day At A Time

Miserable fake charity Sustain has been busy spending your taxes recently ... by complaining about online games for children.

An advergame on for Chewits confectionery, titled "Taste Adventure" featured Chewie the dinosaur. The aim of the game was to move the Chewie avatar around the landscape and to find and eat nine different flavoured Chewit sweets.


The Children's Food Campaign (Sustain) objected that the game actively encouraged and rewarded images of excessive consumption of the product.
The horror!

The big green cartoon dinosaur wasn't the only one to be classed as evil while these kindly witches think of the children, though. Oh no, the Honey Monster is a nasty piece of work too!


The website, for Sugar Puffs cereal, featured the "Munching Monster" game, in which the Honey Monster had to eat as many Sugar Puffs as possible and avoid the wasps.


The Children's Food Campaign (Sustain) challenged whether the game encouraged excessive consumption of the product and poor nutritional habits in children.
The Child Catcher had nothing on these joyless, whey-faced troughers, did he? Have tbey nothing else to do with our stolen cash than trawl kids' internet sites looking to take offence?

Where in the hell are these cuts we're supposed to be seeing? Because these people are beyond contempt. I can just imagine their domestic conversations:

"Hello, Dear. What did you do at work today?"
"I spent government cash attempting to stop kids having fun."


H/T The eagle-eyed Harridanic site.


Jay said...

I once professionally came across a fake charity employee. She was as much of a fool as you'd imagine and lacking the wit to even begin to realise it.
I wonder what such people do to have fun - make macrami placemats, perhaps :)

jtpjc said...

What about PacMan? He ate pills, so he was supporting Big Pharma OMG! But the ghosts were still coming...

nisakiman said...

Oh ye gods and little fishes, do these people really have nothing better to do? Sometimes I despair of the human race, I really do...

ReefKnot said...

"Hello, Dear. What did you do at work today?"
"I spent taxpayer's cash attempting to stop kids having fun."
There, corrected that for you.

Ivan_Denisovich said...

Sadly they don't nisakiman. Sustain's staff profiles give some insight into just how many people are able to get by very nicely without ever having held down a real job. I assume that this is tolerated because most of our esteemed members who divert public money to support this type of thing haven't either.

By campaign, they do not of course mean educate, enlighten or even persuade, they mean:

“The UK Government must regulate to protect public health
from companies that aggressively market sugar-laden drinks that lead to
obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.”

The Children;s Food Campaign is an overtly political lobbying organisation paid for mostly by public money. Less than 4% of Sustain's revenue comes from voluntary donations.

I actually like some of the things that Sustain does but with respect to their professional campaigners and the CFC I completely agree with Dick's analysis.Especially the last word.

moonrakin said...

Hmm ... echoes of the National Children's Bureau who brought you the insight that if your toddler turns their nose up at a curry, they could be waycist....

£12 million a year charidee almost exclusively gubmint funded... = more arseholes .

Presently pushing the food agenda too... if you've a strong stomach and an appetite for a daily dose of indignation - explore them here:

george said...

This fake charity are trying to ban fast food companies from sponsoring the Glasgow Commonwealth games in 2014. After failing miserably to ban them from the London Olympics ( £602m sponsorship gratefully received by Seb etc)

Anti-junk food lobby to target 2014 Commonwealth Games - Scotland -

I did some digging and they get their money from the usual suspects..EU, taxpayers, GLA (sic) etc...
They have no connection to Scotland whatsoever and are based in Wales and England.
Their accounts say they get money from other fake charities ( Waterloo and Plunkett foundations..charities set up just to dispense taxpayer charity money lol)

So we have a fake charity funding another fake charity to lobby another publicly funded body ( Glasgow games organisers) trying to get them to stop taking money from private companies that they don't like and presumably making taxpayers in Scotland pay even more for the games.
And we're talking serious money. Waterloo got £5m last year to hand out to the charities that they liked. Mostly eco fruit and nut cases of course.

Furor Teutonicus said...

More like puling the wings off sparrows and setting fire to kittens.

A distant Drum said...

What the hell is going on in this nation,crawling with spongers,fakers,parasites,
levellers,Po faced Puritans,Sour pussed Calvinists,snides,tell tales,nannies,
snoopers,bleeding heart liberals,pansified males,bleating femmes, Judas Goats,
back stabbers,fence sitters and thousands more lingering pestilences who
fester throughout the land like some hellish bubonic plague
Even Babylon ,Sodom and Gomorrha did not suffer such bringers of darkness,
sadness,misery,and despair as these delegates from Purgatory
Are there no Politicians with the bollocks to stand up and ram these spolilers back down the grids whence they came

Jax said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. The hugely successful anti-smoking fake charities really have started a huge bandwagon going, haven’t they? Were there any fake charities before ASH came into existence, or were they the first? I certainly can’t recall any. Perhaps they just kept it quiet, and of course there wasn’t t’Internet then for naughty bloggers like you, DP, to go spoiling things by letting the cat out of the bag, was there?

Now that ASH and their cohorts are having their government funding quietly cut away to the bone (hence their having to go to the Lottery with their begging bowls out) the scene is something like the “X-factor for fake charities,” as each one jostles desperately for their slice of the action (and the money). But I don’t think that this little lot has a hope in hell of reaching ASH-type proportions. This government has made it pretty clear (by its actions, rather than its words) that it is hellbent on the continued destruction of the seditious and dangerous British pub through its anti-alcohol stooges. That’s where the lion’s share of “health campaign” money will be channelled – as we are already seeing as anti-drink messages start to creep insidiously into our newspapers, TV and radio programmes …

Edgar said...

People have always been like this: but they never before have they been paid so much to indulge in it.

a woods said...

i think all charities are fakes there was a case in england recently where a socalled registered charity was proved to have siphoned off the majority of donations only a frickle of the money donated went to whre it should a spokeswoman for the investigating committee slammed the socalled charity commission and also said this could be just the tip of the iceberg its time they wre all banned especially mencap and the rspca