Friday, 31 August 2012

Wish You Were Here

It's become obvious to some that the tabloid junk we enjoy here has been sparse of late and the e-mail came flooding in!

There's nothing sinister afoot, merely my enjoying myself in another continent where clouds have apparently been banned, and where a swimming pool the size of Texas is nothing extraordinary.

So consider this as a kind of post card (hand-written too, you notice?); an exceptional one seeing as it reaches you before the sender arrives back in the UK.

It's been a wonderful period of indulging excessively in pleasures our authorities would love to see banned, in company with people from Belgium, Russia, Belarus, South Africa, Mexico, the USA and Southport, to name but a few. And despite Mrs P's best efforts during our time here, I am still confident of not being bankrupt when we return to the UK late tonight.

So just in case you've been wondering, normal windmill-tilting will resume here soon.


James Pickett said...

-- E n v y --
Still, I'm sure you've both earned it. Well, Mrs P, anyway.. :-)

Mag01 said...


What and where is that hotel? If there are any privacy
issues, in what country is that hotel?

Tony said...

Enjoy your break matey! I was a bit worried that you had been kidnapped by Arnott and her cronies.

timbone said...

X , well, you know what I mean, heterosexual handshakes do not seem to have a textual application, well, if they have, I missed it.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Twas Turkey. :)

Michael McFadden said...

So consider this as a kind of post card (hand-written too, you notice?); an exceptional one seeing as it reaches you before the sender arrives back in the UK."

Actually, from the look of that picture, it probably reached us before you could swim across the pool! Have fun guy!


James Dunworth said...

Enjoy the holiday, Dick!

Jeff Wood said...

Remarkable-looking hotel. were you called to prayer from those half-minarets?

My lady lets out a small apartment here in Italy, and receives a range of holidaymakers. The last couple were lovely, dignified Turkish medics, with a fine teenage son.

We talked a few things over. They are Ataturk fans, and approve not at all of the present regime. Of the agitation for Turkey to join the EU the chap said "Yes, our sort of Turk could probably fit in well, but you don't want the ones who would follow us..."

RAB said...

Been there many times, lovely country and the food is in the top three of the world (no it aint all kebabs).

I was in a shop in Dalyan one time, one that sold those curly toed slippers and other sorts of nick nacks. They also had a box of old postcards going for next to nothing each, So I had a quick look through and picked one. " I'll have this one of Bela Lugosi please"

Er, that's not Bela Lugosi, that's Kemal Ataturk sir!


Dick_Puddlecote said...

Haha! Equating the Father of the nation (it was Victory Day on the 30th) with Count Drac must have gone down poorly. :)

RAB said...

Well it was an easy mistake to make, he looked well sinister in the pic! I think I got away with it though.

You are a smoker Dick, as am I, Turkey seems to have about 15 brands of Camel (all different coloured packets) that I have never seen in Britain or anywhere else. They seem to smoke ok, but are they as hookey as the jeans, T shirts watches etc?

I have a lovely phoney Cartier watch, cost me all of three quid and is still going strong ten years later, with change of batteries of course. I even had it re-strapped on a return visit, and the Turks looked at me as if I was out of my mind. They also look at me funny when I go for their Tea urn in the morning, rather than the bloody crap in dunking teabags they have on offer for the uninitiated, and get a full cup with milk and sugar, then come back for several more, along with the pancakes and honey and melon and... well the food is just bloody marvelous folks really!

Serviced Apartments Resident said...

Well now I'm green with envy! Sounds like you're having a fabulous time away from the blog!

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