Thursday 16 August 2012

Half A Million Strong

If this is classed as 'overwhelming support', yeah?

Well, in that case, what enthusiastic adjective should describe this?
The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association has revealed that public concern about the unintended consequences of plain packaging has generated in the region of half a million responses opposing its introduction in the UK.

This unprecedented response represents views from thousands of members of the public as well as retailers, packaging companies, marketing and design firms, manufacturers, wholesalers, politicians, employers, employees, business groups, trade unions, the Intellectual Property community, international business, trade associations and the law enforcement community.
Your move, Lansley.


Lansley said...

59.9 million people failed to back the 'Hands off' propaganda. Good enough for me.

Jay said...

Of course, another way at looking at the Plain Packs Protects tweet is: "Over 200,000 people are stupid and ignorant, or hateful, nazi-supporting twats." #justsayin

nisakiman said...

So how many does that make it that failed to back the 'Plain Packs' propaganda? Despite the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's pounds that were thrown into the propaganda campaign?

Good enough for me.

nisakiman said...

Unfortunately (or not), I'm not Lansley. :)

Sam Duncan said...

Ah, but the names on the murderous capitalist oppressor's list only count for for half, since the dupes who signed it were clearly suffering from a false consciousness, while the those on the big pharma / government combine plucky prolitarian underdogs' count double, as the vanguards of the bright new smokefree dawn.

(Don't laugh. Can you think of a better explanation for the way this'll be spun over the next few months?)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Good stat. Same as 50,957 of South Cambridgeshire electorate (or 65%) failing to back a certain Conservative MP in 2010.

An even higher percentage if including kids as you did. Enough to say that Lansley has no mandate to force through a plan that wasn't in any party manifesto I reckon. ;)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

There is that, I suppose.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

It's going to be fun to watch, isn't it? Should be some rich material in the offing.