Wednesday 1 August 2012

Kentucky Fried Brain +Updated+

I've written many times before about how the tobacco control industry has been hopelessly ambushed by e-cigs and snus and - as a result - are actively harming the public, aided and abetted by irresponsible morons within the EU.

Via SteveVape, though, comes a jaw-dropping example of someone who has acted above and beyond the call of duty to make absolutely sure that people shun any alternative to tobacco.

Just read this hideous fucking lunacy from an indoctrinated health nut in full-on, ill-informed, weapons grade arsehole mode. Not since Jane "hideous and proud of it" DeVille-Almond have we seen anyone so deserving of roasting on a pitchfork.

UK letter

I mean, what kind of disgraceful individual goes out of their way to write in protest to a private business - accommodating people who voluntarily attend - in an attempt to forbid them using a product which is not only not banned, but also hugely less dangerous than the alternative her actions could have them return to?

You'll note that this appalling waste of DNA uses the scare tactic of smokefree legislation to try to bully the venue's owners from exercising their own free will, as well as the choices of those who wish to attend. Despite there being no legal barrier and no likelihood of her personally appearing anywhere near the place.

Her supporting references - designed solely to scare the venue into cancelling the event - have been so deliberately twisted and taken out of context that she can be accurately described as a lying bitch.

It's the anti-tobacco finger-wagging exercise in microcosm. She doesn't approve, so she will do her damnedest to make sure others will have their enjoyment denied even if it means they might be massively helping their health rather than harming it. It's the profoundly evil nature of tobacco-haters laid ruthlessly bare.

There is no further useful role for tobacco control if this is the kind of disgusting and dangerous bastard they are now producing.

UPDATE: Mike Siegel calls her out for talking bollocks too, and highlights a video where she spouts utter garbage.

What a nasty piece of confused work she is.


SadButMadLad said...

She's not getting a receptive audience at this website -

Warning: It contains a picture of her.

Brewlady said...

If you have to lie to advance your cause, perhaps your cause is no longer worth advancing.

Mr A said...

Great comments on that website.

It seems that the one advantage the Tobacco Control lobby had when it came to bending the truth was 40+ years without the Internet.  Thus, they can spout their twaddle about secondhand smoke and despite showing someone the flaws in their research, despite showing them several other studies that prove the opposite, people will still whine, "But your smoke is killing me!" even though you just completely discredited that argument only seconds before.    This is because TC had decades to repeat again and again, ad infinitum, their lies without opposition.

Unfortunately for them the Internet now exists so while they are trying to do the same to vapers they just can't get traction.  People are instantly discrediting them.  Hopefully this will only have positive effects on the fight against them.

On a more personal level, I recently tried my Tornado 510 again with some new flavours, as I am training for a half marathon and wanted to cut down on some lung-junk without actually stopping smoking (as I enjoy it).  I can't get on with it - tastes of plastic, gives me a headache and makes me cough.  And you have to suck like a whore to get anything out of it.

I have effortlessly moved down to smoking superlights, though (1mg tar, 0.1mg nicotine) - which again just shows what bunkum the nicotine addiction thing is.  I haven't smoked more (or less) or felt deprived by reducing my nicotine intake by 99%.  However, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was any evidence that these were safer than higher strength cigarettes?  I know I heard that they were no safer but considering how TC lies so much, I was wondering if anyone who knew the studies better than me could chip in - when I first heard there was no difference in safety, I was stupid enough to believe what they said.  I know better now, but any verification/links would be appreciated.

I do know that in 2 weeks of smoking superlights my runs seem a lot easier and my average heart rate is 10 beats per minute less than it was.

junican41 said...

It amazes me how these ladies (and they always seem to be ladies) get away with their convoluted explanations. It is almost as though they are saying something like, "We all know that 2 + 2 = 5, but sometimes some people say that 2 + 2 = 4, but until it can be proved that 2 + 2 does not equal 5, then the statement that 2 + 2 = 4 must be banned, until a scientific examination of the statement has been undertaken. We must also understand that, until WE prove otherwise, it may be true that 2 + 2 = 5 and a bit, or not. Trust US"

singleactsoftyranny said...

Dr. Hahn received $296,664 from the 2009 Recovery Act (a.k.a. "The Stimulus")

Source ~

Get $300K from the government I guess you have to say what the government wants albeit I can't really see how this would stimulate the economy

singleactsoftyranny said...

And while I am at it, perhaps not the doctor you and I might imagine her to be, again from a bio, a doctorate in health policy rather than medicine.  And health policies, shall we say, vary and maybe politically driven.

"In 1992, she completed a doctorate in health policy/health of the community with a minor in substance abuse and the family at Indiana University School of Nursing"

I have to wonder, would you ask this women for advice on how to be happy?

c777 said...


Bucko TheMoose said...

My God! Have you any idea what the reaction to this letter was? I would dearly love to know

Sam Munro said...

luckily I don't have a 3D tv or she'd have poked my eye out with how much her nose must have grown due to the amount of lies that she's spouting as truth. 

nisakiman said...

 "What a nasty piece of confused work she is."

I would suggest that she is no more confused about e-cigs than you or I are, DP. She has a pathological hatred of anything that even remotely looks like smoking, and will do all in her power to get e-cigs banned, because she doesn't like them. So she will lie through her teeth if she thinks she can persuade people that e-cigs are evil.

Sadly, there are too many in the Tobacco Control Industry with similar personality disorders. Megalomania, obsession, misanthropy and arrogance are common traits in these people.

Perhaps the reason they turn out that way is, as c777 points out, because they are invariably shrew-like to the eye, and probably rejected by normal people.

Thulium said...

There is a tendency for smokers to change the way they smoke--how deep of an inhale they take, how long they hold in the smoke, or even to unconsciously cover the puncture holes in the filter--to absorb the same amount of nicotine per cigarette.  Since it is not actually the nicotine, but the myriad products of combustion like carbon monoxide and the conglomerate of partially-burnt organic material called "tar" that is believed to actually cause disease, it is therefore possible for so-called "light" cigarettes to actually cause MORE damage.  The bottom line is that it doesn't really matter WHAT you light on fire to inhale smoke nearly as much as it matters THAT you are lighting in on fire and inhaling smoke.

The first e-cig I bought had similar problems with unsatisfying volumes of vapor and a "plasticky" flavor I didn't really care for.  I didn't really find satisfaction until I found a model that used a manual switch so that I could activate it without having to directly inhale, and enough power to produce the flavor and thicker vapor than the smoke I was previously exhaling.  Since the hardware is entirely customizable (don't focus on finding something that looks like a cigarette--something that looks more like a cigar or pipe will have better battery performance and may have additional features like "variable voltage") and you can even mix the e-liquid yourself using FDA approved food flavorings in a base of either PG or glycerin (vegetable glycerin produces thicker "creamier" vapor and is suitable for the rare individual who may be sensitive to propylene glycol, but carries less flavor and "throat hit"--personally I enjoy a 50/50 mix), it is possible to create a combination that looks and tastes like pretty much whatever you want.  It's kind of difficult to accurately reproduce the exact flavor of burning tobacco leaves, but its pretty easy to improve upon it! ;)  The bottom line is this: If you haven't found a combination of hardware and e-liquid that you like BETTER than smoking, you aren't done looking! :)

As to the coughing, I tend to think that is because of some of the properties of PG/VG vapor tending to cling to other liquids--as an active smoker, I suspect the vapor may be "retriggering" some of the tar and whatnot that is already built up in your lungs.  You can reduce the amount of coughing by changing the way you inhale--most experienced vapers (e-cig users) use an indirect inhale by sucking the vapor into their mouth BEFORE inhaling it.  Since the nicotine is not volatilized by combustion as it is with smoking, you don't really absorb much (if any) through your lungs so it isn't necessary to inhale other than to recreate the "throat hit" that many smokers crave. Inhaling or exhaling through your nose is the best way to detect the most flavor.  As their lungs clear out, most vapers find that much of the coughing you describe subsides after a short time while their senses of taste and smell improve to the point that they decide they don't even like burnt tobacco anymore!  That's how I became an "ex-smoker" without really even trying!No matter what you choose, I wish you the best of luck in your quest to reduce the harms of smoking on you and your family!  


Dick_Puddlecote said...

She's been getting a right kicking everywhere. Not that it seems to prompt her into actually doing any research, mind. Cos she's paid off (see SAoT's comments). 

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Aye. Applies to any number of righteous troughers, too. 

Dick_Puddlecote said...

And they say that we are motivated only by money, eh? The tobacco control industry is as corrupt as they come. 

Mr A said...

Thanks for the comment Thad.

Yes, I'd heard that stuff about low tar ciggies "being worse" as people tended to inhale deeper etc.  However, On the way down from my 10mg tar fags I had a few days with the 7mg tar fags.  After a few days I noticed no difference.  After 10 days or so on the 1mg tar fags they still seem a bit "airy" at times.  However, I've noticed that while I do pull on them harder I smoke them like you do an e-cig; you suck a bit harder into your mouth, then inhale.  I remembered reading the research that said people tend to inhale harder and bearing in mind what I now know about Tobacco researchers (i.e. they lie.  A Lot) I examined how I was smoking them and came to the conclusion that that must be rubbish too.  No-one actually smokes by putting a fag in their mouth and inhaling - you suck the smoke into your mouth THEN inhale, which, despite sucking harder into my mouth, is exactly what I'm doing now.  I was hoping someone could fisk that research for me, as I'm not sure when or where it came out.

I remain open to the idea of e-cigarettes - if someone offers me a go on one and I find it acceptable, I may consider switching.  But the Titan 510 is well-reviewed, is manually operated and I have a number of liquids.  And it's wholly unacceptable - I'd rather not smoke at all, to be honest.  But as a confirmed smoker (who wants to minimise effects a bit) I'm happy with lower tar, at the moment.  I regard it as being like driving - I like driving, but if putting on a seatbelt reduces risk while not affecting my enjoyment of driving in any way, then why not?  I may still die in a car crash but if so, then them's the breaks.  However, it makes sense to do what you can, if you can't really notice the difference.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

It could be a battery thing with the Titan as the batteries they use are not very powerful. I had a Titan and didn't find it very good, so was advised to move to a Tornado and noticed a massive difference. 

Thulium said...

The 510 is a good model and most people stick with 510 style atomizers or cartomizers even when moving up to larger batteries, so you're on the right track.   One really simple "upgrade", if you haven't tried this already, is to drip the liquid directly onto the bridge of the  atomizer and leave the cartridge out.  You can use an empty cartridge or use a "drip tip" which is basically an empty cartridge with a hole that you can drip through rather than having to remove and replace it.  About 2-3 drops should be good for about 10 drags or so, just add another drop or two when the flavor drops off making sure to not let the atomizer go completely dry or you'll get a flavor you won't enjoy (dry atty = "dratty" for a reason), but not having the polyfill in the cartridge helps to avoid the plastic flavor so the direct drip method really helps.  The 306 atomizer uses the same threading as a 510, but is somewhat better suited for dripping and has FANTASTIC flavor.  If you're still not satisfied, you'll probably want to try something with variable voltage that you can turn up and down until you find your "sweet spot" of flavor and vapor production.  There's new product coming out constantly and endless combinations so, as I said, if you haven't found the combination you like better than smoking, you're just not done looking.  

Perhaps the best suggestion I can offer is to see if you can't find your way to a "vape meet" nearby...They are always a blast and a great opportunity to see and try the newest gear and various flavors, or just socialize.  Smokers tend to be very sociable and friendly, and vapers are smokers who found a way to stop smoking without turning into ****wads so a good time is practically guaranteed.

Morseman said...

this video is probably the greatest work of fiction since Vows of Fidelity were added to the French wedding pageant, very amusing!