Monday 6 August 2012

Top Class Jewel Robbing Spotted In Bury

I've lost count of the number of times I've mentioned how irritating e-cigs are to tobacco control industry freaks (latest example here), and therefore how delightful they are.

It was excellent news, then, to find out that one of this blog's long-time readers - and regular e-mailer - has opened up a brand new shop in Bury selling kits and other vaping paraphernalia. Pretty smart it looks too, I reckon.

What's more, our fellow jewel robber has a special offer for readers here that might be of interest if you're in the area. Ask for Steve and mention this blog and you will get 25% off ... everything!

I'm nowhere near the place sadly but, if it's around your part of the world, why not pop in and give him some of your business or just say hello and offer a handshake and encouragement if e-cigs aren't your particular bag. I can vouch for his sound anti-bansturbator credentials, that's for sure.

You can find him at 133 Rochdale Road, Bury, BL9 7BA.

By the way, unlike tobacco controllers who won't do anything without being paid, I have no monetary interest in posting this up here. Just the thought that the shop might get some purse-lipped harridan, somewhere, even more screwed-up inside than they already are is reward enough for me.

God speed the Vaporium, I say. May it further rot the soul of every joyless, hag-faced crone in the surrounding area for a long time to come. Huzzah!


handymanphil said...

Brilliant! Long may it last and nice profits may it bring-now for the anti-tobacco shop in Cumbria! :)

SteveW said...

Sounds like a nice chap this Steve fella ;-)
Feel free to pop by folks, even if it's just a rant and a coffee you're after, and cheers for the free publicity Dick.

SteveW said...

Whereabouts in Cumbria are you Phil?  I'm considering possible locations for future shops already, so any potential customer input is gratefully accepted.

Jeff Wood said...

Steve, you do seem like a nice chap.

Looking at the photo, and the seating, I wonder if you have room for a coffee machine - living in Italy as I do, I mean a decent Italian effort.

A few good buns, and coffee at a decent price, plus a vape or a smoke outside for those who need to, and I should guess trade will soar. You and your customers could be making new friends.

Pardon an accountant putting his oar in: the instinct to help a business improve doesn't die, and bars in the UK seem to get less and less friendly.

herselfsurprisd said...

Looks great! Some photos or posters of well know vapors meybe?
i.e.Brad Pit, Leo, Heidi, etc, etc

herselfsurprisd said...

whoops, I meant John Depp!!

Legiron said...

Beware - plain packaging goes beyond just the packets.

Best get a spare sign ready. 'Steve's Throat Emporium' perhaps, or 'The Inhalatatron'.

Careful not to make it too welcoming - the bleaters will complain that they want to go in, but there are people vaping in there...

SteveW said...

Jeebus - how did it ever come to this?
I thought I was fairly well informed on these things, but the shop name? Madness.