Monday 13 August 2012

High Noon For Herr Bartlett

Just to brighten up your Monday, how about an update on the fortunes of everyone's favourite comedy councillor?

Previously, in The Wacky World Of Herr Bartlett, we have seen our balding buffoon humiliated in a series of votes, before jumping seat last minute to avoid being challenged for his place on Stony Stratford Town Council. He then pulled another fast one to try to escape censure by the standards board, only to be landed with a five month suspension anyway.

He is due to resume his trademark irritation of Stony Stratford residents in October ... or is he? AboutMyArea/MK11 reports today that he may have run into a big fat obstacle made of his own ineptitude.
AboutMyArea/MK11 learned over the weekend that there is to be a by-election in the Stony Stratford South West Ward.

Paul Bartlett failed to sign his declaration of acceptance of office at or before the first meeting of the council following the May elections.

As was its right, the council agreed to declare a casual vacancy in the Stony Stratford South West ward. Accordingly, the vacancy was advertised on notice boards in the town.
For someone who has gone to great lengths in jealously guarding his unaccountability to the electorate, that is what I call an almighty cock-up! Unfortunately for Bartlett, three candidates have put themselves forward to unseat him.

The election is on September 6th, but already messages of sadness are appearing on the Stony Stratford Facebook page at the thought that such a popular chap may well be voted into obscurity. Pfft!

Does anyone else hear the Laurel & Hardy theme tune whenever this guy's name is mentioned?


Mac McCubbin said...

"Does anyone else hear the Laurel & Hardy theme tune whenever this guy's name is mentioned?"

Nope, I hear 'I'm a Wanker', by Ivor Biggun and the Red-Nosed Burglars. Can't think why though...

Anonymous said...

It is usually unkind to mock the afflicted, but in herr Bartlett case all one can say is; Hahahahaha!!!

Adam Haseman said...

What an idiot! Will be laughing for the rest of the day now.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I can see him playing a banjo now! Thanks, kinda. ;)

Twenty_Rothmans said...

No, I hear "Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles". And I sincerely hope that things are grim in the Bartlettbunker.