Sunday 15 April 2012

The Aussie Comedian Who Keeps On Giving

Here the old coot goes again, putting his foot in it.

He's referring to this article on Conservative Home objecting to the damage plain packaging will undoubtedly cause, compared to the extremely marginal benefits that tobacco control have a hunch - if their bent studies and rigged focus groups can be believed - might come about.

Being the shallow type, he again moves directly to hyperbole and invokes the slave trade, a tactic he dismisses on the other side of the equation.

But since the grandfather of tobacco control has now confirmed substitution as an acceptable argument, let's re-visit the words of one his supporters just the other day with amendments made by fellow jewel thief Henry.
"We could always just change the law to allow people to legally shoot dead any black people outside the four walls of their home, as long as it's not a rented home or presently under mortgage, since it's not technically their home. If black people find a bullet through their head whenever they step outside, they'll not step outside. Simples. Probably won't happen. I can dream though. God, I'd have a field day if that ever came to pass..."
What's changed eh, Simon? The hate God is all.

In fact, if we are now allowed to follow Chapman's lead as a valid debating tool, how about this from Deborah Arnott on Friday's BBC news (14:10 in)?
"Gays choose the rainbow colours because it says something about them, and they're proud to have their flags. With plan standardised flags, they'll no longer be proud to take that flag out of their backpack."
Watch the anti-smokers in full flight. And that's without even mentioning the odious, bile-spewing Jane Deville-Almond.

How nice of him to legitimise so many easy hits with such a generous precedent. With enemies like this bumbling outdated Aussie, who needs friends?


Jay said...

Like a vicious herpes infection, he keeps on giving...  now if only a meteor would land right smack dab in Chapman's koi fish pond while he's wading in it and masturbating over his hate campaigns, the world would be better off for it.  There's probably not a meteor god, though. 

DaveAtherton20 said...

I have just written a brief post on the slave trade. I end by saying, "Master Chapman’s end of term report does not look good. Epidemiology-
fail, maths – fail,  science – fail, economics – fail, and now history-
fail.  Must try harder, even in the remedial class."

RooBeeDoo said...

Brilliant - so can we now see their 'slave trade' and raise them 'Nazi science'?

Dick_Puddlecote said...

It would appear so. :)

Cherie said...

Speaking of Aussie dickheads, I had to laugh at Nicola (Ms Plain Packs) Roxon's comments:

During sitting weeks in Canberra, Roxon and her office staff regularly pool
their lunch money and take it in turns to each prepare a huge plate of communal
salad, which they graze on while doing the hard policy yakka.

She confides that on long working days she is loath to eat the fried chicken
and chips regularly on offer in the Parliament House canteen. ''It's hard
enough to maintain a reasonable weight as a minister - that's one thing that's
very difficult to do.''

Perhaps needs some legislation to help her say no? 

Lou said...

The similarities in reasoning between Simon Chapman and Anders Breivik are terrifying. Both are convinced of their own "right" and thus their justification to take life.

Simon Chapman only wants official sanction to do this and I have no doubt he would derive great pleasure in shooting smokers. Indeed I suspect he would spend many years doing little else. And Tweeting his daily score, starting with first nation Australians, then the street people, then the immigrants and so on, going up to shooting any off duty police officer who happens to smoke.

I'm reasonably certain some in Australian politics might go along with this; after all their grandparents approved the forced removal of first nation children from their natural parents to be raised by acceptable (white) families. A policy they dropped - very reluctantly - only in the 1970's.

It's very likely that Stephen Williams and Andrew Lansley would be quite amenable to such a change in legislation together with Bob Blackman, Kevin Barron, John Robertson plus assorted Lords and Baroness currently engaged by ASH on plain packaging.

You guys are doing good by revealing the psychopath that is Simon Chapman. By default, those who employ him and those who fund them are guilty by association. 

Cherie said...

What a turd he is.