Saturday 7 April 2012

Link Tank 07/04

It's not pretty, 'fraid.

That 'binge-drinking epidemic' amongst the young, in graph form

We're now governed by people whose own fears drive a national culture of fear

House of Lords demand a block on internet porn

Surveillance, society and revolution

The end of the Global Warming Scare would look a lot like this

Do bans cause heavier smoking?

Arizona plans to outlaw 'being annoying' on the internet

Japanese company creates beer with frozen foam

My article updated as San Fran judge dismisses lawsuit against Happy Meals

"It's really fun that our cock won ... it's huge and majestic"

Rattlesnakes versus robotic squirrels

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Tom said...

Hah! Did you note the reader's poll on the MSNBC MSM report on the CA Happy Meals Ban lawsuit thrown out of court for lack of merit this week? Only 6.6% out of 83,000+ votes so far agree that Happy Meals need banned. The vast majority agree, government should bud out. (I think this legal outcome will not affect the San Francisco ban on Happy Meal Toys since that was enacted by fiat, nothing to do with the lawsuit. So if anyone is thinking of traveling to San Francisco, be warned, you will probably be Happy Meal Banned still - along with outdoor smoking, outdoor vaping, disbelieving in AGW since Al Gore's Current TV is HQ'd there, disbelieving in the SHS Fraud since Stanton Glantz is HQ'd there, etc. and so on. But for the rest of CA and US at least, the Happy Meal Banners won't get their way - yet, though they'll keep on trying no doubt.)