Friday 13 April 2012

Hey, You, Get Off Of My Trough

The Twitter feed of Aussie smoke-obsessive, Simon Chapman, is fast becoming a daily comedy read right up there with the wibblings of Europe's most pointless politician. No, really!

It's been, ooh, about a week or two since his unintentionally hilarious pronouncements have been highlighted, but this one Wednesday is a 'beaut'.

Yes, I know he was engaging keyboard before the angry spittle had finished dribbling down his chin at such a slur but, hey, if he wants to illustrate his ignorance who am I to deny him?

Now, if one were to enter politics with a view to 'getting one's snout in', I expect UKIP would be a pretty poor choice. Joining the Conservative Party and landing the nomination for a safe seat, I could understand, but only a loon could claim a UKIP politico to be in it for the money. Similarly, much as I dislike the closet communists in the Green Party, any accusation of their being motivated by money is one that only a brainless idiot would level, and the Greens have one more seat in parliament than UKIP. That is, they have, err, one. Not a lot of chances there for getting snouts in, is there?

Since in Chapman's world, any insult must be tired and clichéd - or just plain idiotic - he has linked politician with snout and, well, blurted it out to the world before dragging his knuckles off to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

Strangely, he doesn't have the same view of politicians being automatically corrupt when singing cringeworthy arse-licking songs to those with whom he agrees. It's a skill finely honed from decades dismissing any contrary view as being paid for by someone, somewhere, as only what he believes in can possibly be altruistic.

What makes his lack of even a remote understanding of British politics even funnier is that the only person in the above exchange with their 'snout in' is Chapman himself.

He is a sociologist who is currently gorging on over three million Australian Dollars from his residency at Sydney University. This, without counting a lifetime helping himself to the tax receipts of others on the back of his own personal hobby of hating tobacco. Nice troughing if you can get it, UKIP politicians can only dream of such luxury.

Previously, nutter accuses others of being basket cases, and is more extreme than fundamental Islam.


Mag01 said...

When speaking of agenda-driven, self-interested,
pathological liars, you can’t go past Simon Crapman. Crapman’s mentality
resides in the scrapings to be found at the bottom of the propagandist barrel.


Disagree with the antismokers and Crapman comes firing with
his asinine attempts at put-downs. He’s the one who suggested back in the 1980s
most of the popular dismissive “tactics” – let the ad homs


One of Crapman’s earliest contributions that put the anti “movement”
into the realm of serious, inflammatory propaganda was “The Lung
, presented at the 1983 World Conference on Smoking &
Health (also known as the World Conference for Bigoted Idiots). A number of
tricks came from this literary [giggle] work, e.g., the “David & Goliath”, “good
vs evil” metaphor. Another piece of deception that is also still used is what I call the “Chapman


Interesting about Crapman is that if he knows that another
person/commenter is not aware of his sordid past, the crapologist lets the ad
fly. But if you question him about his lying past, he
immediately disappears from a comments board. For example, see the Stephen
Williams blog:


Crapman makes an appearance early on. As soon as the “Chapman
Trick” is mentioned, he disappears, the snide, well-rehearsed put-downs cease.

Mag01 said...

Consider this recent development.

New South Wales,
Australia, is
now pushing for outdoor smoking bans. Crapman’s University
of Sydney has banned smoking on
campus, save four designated smoking areas that are close to the perimeter of
the university anyway.


this article, Crapman reiterates his position that he does not support outdoor
bans except in al-fresco dining areas. He certainly does not support bans that
effectively stamp out smoking on an entire university campus. Although he does
not agree with such bans, he does not question the mental state of those proposing/instituting
such bans, i.e., bigotry. He spends most of the article reinforcing TC
propaganda, e.g., “no safe level”. And, of course, Crapman has to indulge in
his incoherent analogies:

smoking next to me while I eat lunch outdoors is not going to really harm me,
but the imposition is unpleasant in the same way as loud music away from music
venues or dog faeces underfoot.”


here’s the thing. While Crapman claims he does not support university-wide bans
in particular, he is, again, lying. This is an [Australian] advocacy manual for
instituting smoking bans at universities, beginning with a few [inconvenient] designated
smoking areas, eventually followed by a complete smoking ban on the entire
campus. Lo and behold, there’s Crapman’s signature to the plan (p.2).

For A Tobacco Free Campus

From the same "Guide", you’ll
also notice that he is a board member of ASH. ASH was also behind the recent,
despicable “Lavac Incident”:

Mag01 said...

that wasn’t disturbing enough, this should be:

“Professor Rick Shine, from the School of
Biological Sciences, Professor Simon Chapman from the School of Public Health
and Professor Michael Kidd from the Faculty of Medicine have been named in the
top 100 most influential people in Sydney by the Sydney Morning Herald'sthe
(sydney) magazine.

list of Sydney's top 100 most
influential people was released on 11
December 2008 in a special edition of the (sydney)


blind leading the blind!

Jay said...

Chapman is currently argu-tweeting with an MP, Tom Harris.  It's pretty funny.

Mr A said...

Just been looking at his tweets.  Holy crap, he is utterly insane!  Needless to say it seems he is also a climate alarmist.  I particularly liked:

"US astronauts dump on global warming. Next week: leading hairdressers; then chefs; followed by retired circus clowns?"

Same ad homs as he uses against us.  Not a thought to the fact that these guys are physicists, engineers and scientists as well as trained pilots, astronauts and, in may cases, very successful in their THIRD careers by becoming successful business people, Senators and the like.  Nope - the likes of Chapman would rather listen to failed politicians like Gore and ex-Railway engineers like Pachauri who make their living from suckling the alarmist teat, than these guys.  Probably the same as he would rather listen to "cardiac specialist", sorry, I mean engineer Stanton Glantz than career scientists like Enstrom and Kabat.

Absolute nutter.  Terrifying.  And I mean that literally - reading his tweets and seeing that he has influence and power is genuinely scary.

Mr A said...

He's just lucky that his psychopathology concerns the "two minute hate" figures du jour - smokers.  If he hated Jews or blacks he'd be shit out of luck and selling burgers somewhere.  But as it is, he has more funding than he can shake a stick at and he is utterly without reproach - an esteemed figure, in fact!   Lucky, lucky lunatic.....

Mr A said...

Shame it's Tom Harris - he voted against the ban.  I want an idiot like Lansley to get into a slanging match with Chapman so he can see for himself what a bunch of deranged maniacs these people are.

I suspect Harris already knows.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

"Just been looking at his tweets.  Holy crap, he is utterly insane!"
Yep, a daily read for me, it could almost fill a blog on its own. He's so lax he sometimes makes our own arguments for us without realising it (might do that one tomorrow). ;)

ivandenisovich said...

Mr A - Lansley is not capable of recognising a deranged maniac. He is as thick as Cameron but even less likeable. Our leaders are as stupid as the DH mandarins are manipulative and corrupt. That is the only explanation for current public health policy and the vast sums we spend to buy the correct results from the likes of tobacco control.  

cfrankdavis said...

Nothing to say about Chapman. I just want to see if my comment appears.