Saturday 28 April 2012

Scared Of Everything

From the same team that brought you this video gem, here is a bit of Saturday evening musical fun at the expense of poor risk-terrified flowers everywhere.

Be careful out there, enjoyment can kill doncha know?


banned said...

Added my comment and 'liked' on YT.

GreenWorld (BVI) said...

Its getting to the point that if one took all of the warnings about risk literally, one would never leave the house.  It started with different types of food you can get cancer from, and gone on from there.  I read somewhere in the last couple of days on the blogs I frequent that there has been a warning about reading on the toilet whilst in the loo.  And no, it appears that is not a joke.  I suppose the concern is a person would fall asleep and tumble into the toilet.  I've been reading in such fashion for nearly 30 years, and so far, I'm still going strong....
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