Saturday 21 April 2012

When Wine Isn't Wine And Doing The Right Thing Is 'Irrelevant'

Further to this Mail story earlier in the month, you might enjoy (or, rather, apply face to palm during) this news report from Meridian TV.

It's interesting to see UKIP's Nigel Farage objecting to such laughable EU interference, as I haven't seen much by way of condemnation from any of the recognised main three parties. In fact, prominent politicians are dubbing UKIP "irrelevant", apparently.

If railing against utter lunacy and protecting British interests in the face of appalling EU legislation is irrelevance, mark me down as a big fan of it.


Mudplugger said...

Regardless of normal party allegiance, everyone should vote UKIP on May 3rd. 
They're only council or mayoral polls, so the result won't really change anything, but the parties' analysis of the vote-share will scare them shitless and we might just start to build the case for a referendum which they dare not ignore.
It's about our only realistic chance, so let's all do it on May 3rd.  What's to lose ?

Junican said...

Astonishing! Whence did the EU get the authority to change the meaning of English words?

It is another example of the unholy alliance between politicians, the MSM and single issue groups. They all find it be in their interests (for the purpose of rhetoric) to use words in whatever way they wish to. For example, we all knew what the meaning of the word 'abuse' was, although it was not clearly defined. We knew that it meant 'misuse' in the sense of 'using wrongly' but not in a physically violent way. Generally, we used the word with reference to 'verbal' abuse or 'abuse of process' in lawsuits. A few years ago, the word lost it speificity and came to mean any sort of 'insult', which could be telling a child off or beating it to a pulp. That kind of generalisation suits newspapers, in particular, very well indeed - they can accuse people of 'abuse' with impunity, if the word has no specific meaning. It also suits politicians since it is in their interests to generalise - to create more and more 'one size fits all' generalities. Which is why they can get away with smoking bans and such. 


The Old Guard said...

Simple equation,
The more people, vote, the less politicans listen
When 60-70% turn out to vote ,at any level,for the three main parties,
that is their mandate to ride rough shod over the will of the people.
Anything over 51% is their go ahead for further tyranny
If you want Democracy,you have to be seen,heard and felt.
As freedom and liberty fade the last thing we need is more scribes and
chattering budgies.
Will you stand up and fight
Carry on whimpering

The One in the Wilderness  

Singleactsoftyranny said...

I doubt the local election turn-out will be anything like 70% but I agree, voting for the mainstream is pointless. 

I also agree something should/must be done, but would stress this surely must be via a peaceful and non-violent fight.  So it has to be via the democratic process.  Even a turnout of 5% would legitimize the current bastards so we have to vote 'em out and right now that is UKIP.