Saturday 28 August 2010

Come In Number Nine ...

Thanks to everyone who voted for this blog in the Total Politics poll. It came as a surprise to be placed in the top ten of the incredibly competitive Libertarian category last time around, so it's very encouraging to be installed at number 9 again this year. Especially considering the inexorable rise of Anna Raccoon, and Charlotte Gore's wise decision to stop kidding herself she was a Lib Dem.

It's interesting to note that TP have decided to increase the Libertarian results to 30 as opposed to 20 in 2009. One hopes that this can be attributed to a stronger showing from bloggers of our persuasion, and perusal of the full top 30 list would seem to confirm this. Blogs like the ASI, BBW, VGIF & Wallace, amongst others, can only boost Libertarian ideas in the future (and knock me out of the top ten no doubt, the bastards).

The acid test, though, may come when the full blog list is released. Currently, eight of the TP poll's top ten Libertarians are ranked in Wikio's top 30. Five were listed as top 30 in last year's TP poll. Some have claimed that Libertarian blogging has lost its bite since the election, so it will be interesting to see if the general movement has been up or down in 2010.

To mark your card, third round FA cup draw stylee, this blog was 78th last year.


Captain Ranty said...

Well done Mr P!!

I think I slipped in there by mistake.

They didn't have a list for Anarchists.


Monty Cristo said...

Because you're worth it, (Said in the most cheesiest voice imaginable).

Bucko said...

Well done DP, you deseve it. Yours was the first blog I started reading.

Anonymous said...

Having helped to see of the Trot
Labour Disease ,it is fervently hoped the Bloggers venom can be
aimed at the pondlife lingering
under false pretences in the
"centre right" coalition.
As you know ,there are 100+
festering sores loitering about
in the so called Blue/Yellow gang bang.These pink worms need the full
tittle tattle,half truths,accusations and white lies.
Make the village buzz untill they have hoofed it to where they belong
Job Centre or Scizo parlour.

The Real Free Corps

Simon Cooke said...

Well done and keep up the good work.

westcoast2 said...

Nice to see you in the Top 10, well done DP

subrosa said...

Great stuff Richard (well it is Sunday). Congrats to Anna too.

Unknown said...

Well DP, what can one say when it has been said already by your readers?

It was you that encouraged me to put F2C on the blogosphere in the early months of 2009 and for which I am eternally greatful.

Your commentators pay testiment to why you are in the top ten at TP, even your detractors read your blog! Now that's a class act to follow.

Keep up the your excellent work.

@Captain Ranty: And we didn't "slip in there by mistake." You are not an anarchist, you are a truth seeker, just like DP. You are on 'the list' because you deserve to be there and it is because of your readers that you ARE there.

Well done all that made it on the TP list, you have something to say and you say it with aplomb.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, DP, well-deserved - keep it up!


Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks for the kind comments, all. Much appreciated. :)