Thursday, 26 August 2010

Let 'Em Suffer

Tom Harris was banging on about the IPSA again this morning on BBC Radio. Astoundingly, while defending his stance against the man from Del Monte, he had the gall to complain that,

"MPs brought it in but there was no vote"
This, remember, from a member of the government who allowed Gordon Brown to slope off and sign Lisbon behind closed doors despite promising us our say on the matter.

Harris further described the IPSA as "a nightmare", as it's rules were "so spiteful" and "unnecessary".

Again, quite stunning hypocrisy from a member of the administration which passed the spiteful, and unnecessary, nightmare of the Health Act 2006 after reneging on its manifesto commitment for a partial ban.

Meanwhile, I have my anons to thank for finding the type of person such legislation pandered to.

My personal belief is that public health is a field that should work through government intervention for the public interest - for instance, the smoking ban or minimum alcohol pricing.
A bit of a sacrifice for the porky green guy? Well, not really, no.

I usually never drink during the week (last Tuesday being the obvious exception for my birthday...) and I've never smoked or taken any recreational drugs.
So the smoking ban doesn't affect him at all since he doesn't smoke and doesn't use pubs, and the one beer a week he buys is from the supermarket and is already priced in excess of any potential minimum price control.

He's happy to tell others what to do, though. Your choices must be curtailed because Kris knows better. ASH insisted that such people would pack the pubs out post July 2007. Our wise MPs believed them.

Many of these same MPs are now planning how best to impose similarly 'spiteful' and 'unnecessary' regulations on alcohol, while still refusing to free us from the 'nightmare' of a quite appalling legislative over-reaction in July 2007, and also repeatedly ensuring we are allowed 'no vote' on Europe.

Keep sticking it to 'em, IPSA ... they fucking deserve every uncomfortable minute of it.


Anonymous said...

Well I hate to say it Tom but i'm getting a bit pissed off with standing outside in the pouring rain next to wasp infested bins.
Just to please a few health Nazi'a who your lot gave unequevical support to.
Based on a complete fabrication.
Tough shite pal.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon: Quite

Captain Ranty said...

I dug deep but I cannot locate even 1 picogram of pity for the Troughers.

We have been saying for years that payback is a bitch.

Turns out that it is indeed, a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, Dick.

Anonymous said...

When the smoking ban was introduced in Scotland, the then health minister Andy (Juan) Kerr stated on national TV that pub closures as a result of the ban would be a good thing and help address Scotland's drinking problem.

He must have got his knuckles rapped for letting the cat out of the bag early as he never mentioned this added bonus again.

I believe that pub closures and the denormalisation of drink and drinkers was part of the plan.

Captain Haddock said...

I'd be most interested to know precisely which mind-altering drug MP's use .. which makes them (especially the arch-tit Harris) believe that the public are not entitled to vote on certain issues which affect them .. but makes MP's whine incessantly regarding votes for issues which impinge on their cosseted lives ..

Just wondering ..

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I bin trawling around for a picture of a Social Security office interview suite complete with cctv, bolted down chair and a plastic screen.

Pay back.

It's been said many times before - but it's worth saying again - council tax non payers regularly get sent to jail for the odd £500, benefit fraudsters likewise.

Now Tom, old mate, old buddy, chum ... WTF makes MPs any different?

And by the way - it's notable how the bureaucrats who colluded in the wholesale and criminal pillaging of public funds have got off scot free innit?

Shug Niggurath said...

Mr Keane's latest blog post is a joy and may well make you raise your glass in toast to his epic failure:

It's been a very quick fortnight

I signed on for Jobseeker's Allowance on the Wednesday but had a job offer by the Friday, which I've taken up. It's 16+ hours a week basic cafe work which I'm happy with for the time being - it's at least double what I would have been on sitting around on JSA

Anonymous said...
Even the BBC Taffs are now
allowing the truth to surface in
English ,too.
But hold on bach,CAMRA DRUID says
its a combination of factors
destroying the pubs.
bant llonaid chan darw** excretia
The factors were allready there
pre 07,you gormless,leek nibbling
sheep humper..

** (eng) BULL
Offas 20 Pack

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon @ 17:45: I did not know that about Kerr. Duly logged. ;)

Gordon: Google for 'interview under caution', you might get a picture, you might not, but it will give a stark idea of the difference between treatment of MPs and the rest of us.

Shug: LOL. Love the way his daft policies (and did he really play the mental health card to try to get back on the course?) went against him.

Anonymous said...

DP - I just commented on this lily-livered fuckwit's site:

Anonymous said...

You stick to your stout and I'll have my cheap cider and fags thanks.

Is that OK by you?

Errr, obviously not.
28 August 2010 09:13
Anonymous said...

"I usually never drink during the week..."

and then

Now, Rip Tide is a pretty strong stout (8% ABV) but it's a good quality craft beer that I like to enjoy slowly - one every couple of nights is pretty average and is well within safety limits."

So YOUR definition of a "week" lasts about 2 days then?

I think you exist in a different time-space continuem or maybe you meant your "working week", about 2 days work should keep you happy with a bottle of stout a night then, I (and most other folk) have to work a damn sight longer than that for our vices.

You live on your planet and leave us in peace - deal?

No didn't think so...
28 August 2010 09:22

I can foresee the next entry:

"This post has been removed by a blog administrator."