Monday 6 September 2010

Vaping, We're Vaping

Regular readers may remember reading here of plans by our oh-so-benevolent nannies to ban e-cigs.

Naturally, as a contrarian bastard when it comes to state interference, this somewhat tweaked my interest in such gadgets. Especially on finding out that they raise the hackles of readily-gulled, pompous, egomaniacal, borderline psychotic anti-smoking fuckweeds.

So, despite there being a degree of uneasiness between smokers and vapers (those who use e-cigs), I made enquiries about getting hold of one.

It was a surprise how complicated (for a newbie) they appeared to be at first glance, but I was fortunate that an uncommonly generous person - and a vaping expert to boot - offered to send a full kit complete with instructions and individually hand-labelled parts and potions.

A little fiddling around with atties, batteries, 510s, mouthpieces and fluid later, and I had my first taste of an e-cig since visiting a benevolent 'witch's' house** in Birmingham last year.

Since then I've been having quite a bit of fun with it, taking a puff while surveying magazines in Sainsbury's was the best so far - no-one cared as I may as well have been using an asthma inhaler for all they knew. Nothing to see (or smell, or wash clothes, hair etc) here.

Apart from regular cartridges, there are a variety of exotic flavours as Leg Iron has explained before. The only one I have so far is mint choc chip ice cream, which I smoked vaped in the office today while sorting out a new lease purchase agreement. Tasted like a mild Mayfair menthol to me.

A couple of days after the package arrived, I think I can now understand why they boil anti-smoker piss so much. After nearly three decades of fabricating a scare story to eliminate others enjoying a substance (nicotine) of which they personally disapprove, the righteous have next to nothing on the e-cig, and it must really - no, I mean really - grate.

Having dreamed for years of that orgasmic final boot in the face of those they jealously hated for enjoying a benign pleasure, they can see a few wriggling free, still putting hand to mouth, and with the two fingers still defiantly up.

No chance of ever reining these people in with incredible tales of widescale death and disaster to others. No chance of classifying water vapour emissions as a class A carcinogen. Nothing but a limp bleating about how e-cigs may be mildly dangerous to the user, as if anyone cares. Nothing, really, except a future of exposing themselves as even more mentally unbalanced than the public is increasingly discovering them to be.

Some have found that vaping is a way of ditching tobacco for good; anti-smokers would prefer to ban e-cigs to force them back to being smokers where they are easier to hit. As Bannatyne shows above, they're not really bothered about health, or the chiildren, or harm reduction - they just enjoy the hunt, the superiority, and the self-righteousness.

E-cigs threaten to deprive them of that, all of it - after 30 years of intense obsessive effort - and the psychos don't like it one bit.

My motive for taking up vaping isn't altruistic or self-preservatory, I don't intend to give up smoking (that vague notion evaporated on July 1st 2007). I just want to be firmly in the opposition trench when the righteous come gunning for vapers. Anti-smokers (or anything that looks like smoking) get their jollies from ordering people around, I derive mine from telling them to fuck off.

I'm vaping now. The game's afoot, bring it on!

** Long story. She will hopefully turn up in the comments, if she's in the country.


Anonymous said...

What's my stance on Duncan Bannatyne ?
He's an arsehole ?

Unknown said...

Well said DP, they don't like it up em.

Unknown said...

Bannatyne won't answer my messages anymore, on Twitter or email, but i'd love to hear why he hate's e-cigs. could one of you fellow Tweeters ask him what bothers him about them?

Anonymous said...

Hi DP,

There's probably loads of people like me out there at the moment - interested in trying out this "vaping" thing (if only just to see righteous chins drop like stones when someone puts a cylindrical tube in their mouth in a public house and then proceeds to take a drag on it), but not currently particularly overloaded with cash to try loadsa brands out. Any chance of giving us some suggestions regarding brands etc before we part with any dough? Any recommendations so far? Cheers....

Anonymous said...

By using an Ecig instead of the real thing you are robbing the Government of valuable tobacco duty.

Anonymous said...

Nice one again Richard, this
barbaric heavy smoking nutmeg is
really get the hots for your
soul elevating gospels of common sense and ground level observations
If you keep this quality up I may
(may) change my view of the blogosphere being little more than
an aviary perch full of low decibel upset budgies.

One Summer Swallow

And whats more,
Mention that Bannatyne kilt lifter
again and I shall start reading
Dodgy Dale's Diary again.

TaRa for now

410 Rome Sacker

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon @ 22:05: Shame, ain't it? ;)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Smoke Screens: Until anyone can point to a differing reason, I think we can presume it's the above ... self-importance and the joy of dictating to others.

It certainly destroys Bannatyne's health pleading. To quote him from the Observer in October last year:

"On a school visit I met a 12-year-boy who wanted to be an athlete who told me that every morning his mother lit up when she was driving to school, even though he'd begged her to stop. He should be able to report her to the police."

Yet if she was vaping instead, he would apparently 'despise' that too.

It's never been about health.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon @ 21:59: I'm a newbie, ask these guys and gals, you'll find loads of advice there.

Anonymous said...

Use of Vapers in Wetherspoons is
not permitted ,as most of you know
enjoying yourself in those
venues may lead to confusion amongst the staff.
Even smoky bacon has been removed from brekky menu and Walkers
smoked gammon crisps are only available after 9pm

Agneau Flambe is flambed off site ?????

Riot Boys,over to you

Sam Duncan said...

I've half a mind to try one of those things myself, without the nicotine. Wouldn't it be... amusing if the maniacs couldn't tell the ex(ish)-smokers from those of us simply enjoying a spot of roast chicken or ice cream in a portable, non-fattening format?

“Anti-smokers (or anything that looks like smoking) get their jollies from ordering people around, I derive mine from telling them to fuck off.”


Anonymous said...

Bannatyne The Bollock

What's Bannatyne's stance on Ecigs, simple - it's bent over with his rotten maggot filled head shoved firmly up his ring-piece!


Frank Davis said...

510? That's what I've got. And it's what Leggy's got too.

Is it a black number with a gold band halfway along, and a button on the top?

I haven't used mine for months, but it'll be back in operation this winter, down at the River.

Leg-iron said...

The 510 (Titan) is currently on sale, you can get a basic starter set for about £12 plus postage. I think the sale is on till the end of the month.

They are closing down so I've ordered in a supply of spares. Fortunately I also have an Njoy, and some other variants on the way.

My Electrofags have had more use than I expected this summer because the weather here has been terrible. Today was windy enough to remind me why I put the Zippo away all those years ago. A filled Zippo in a high wind is not a good thing.

The Titan is the fun one, it's the one I use to smoke roast chicken, coffee, banana or absinthe. The Njoy is better for shock value - it really does look just like a cigarette and I have not yet tired of taking a puff or two, then dropping what looks like a lit cigarette into my shirt pocket.

I'm still smoking tobacco, but the gadgets are too much fun to ignore.

Anonymous said...

I bought a Njoy some weeks ago and its good. I've smoked for nearly 40 years but found this one still gave me a blast. I started on high strength nicotine which I found too strong so switched to medium strength and also am trying a menthol one. Both are good.
Still smoke and still intend to smoke but I find this handy to use whilst on the computer or indoors.
I've not tried any other make so far.
In fact I've got so pissed off with pubs charging me a small fortune for a pint and then telling me to go outside for a fag that I've also just started home brewing as well. So later today I'm bottling 44 bottles of stout for £10. That's another bit of tax you wont be getting from me.

Anonymous said...

Since July 1st 2007 my wife and I
have withdrawn about £9500 taxes
from HMG due to deserting the pubs
and using the savings to buy our baccy abroad. I go out of my way to convert others to a similar
course of action,.The social groups
in which we mixed have collapsed
and I persuade many others to take short cheap trips to buy tobacco.
To date 300+ person/trips
Loss to HMG circa £150,000
Current mission, to get the stragglers to get a passport and add to the exchequers misery and to
finish off the yellow publicans.
So, Bannatyne boy and Commons
kicking me will cost you dearly.


Furor Teutonicus said...

Anonymous said...

Since July 1st 2007 my wife and I
have withdrawn about £9500 taxes
from HMG due to deserting the pubs
and using the savings to buy our baccy abroad.

Hope you are remembering to buy your drinks abroad as well?

A pincer movement is always the best form of attack. Ask Guderian.

Toby said...

E-cigs are great; I love them.

But it would be unethical for me to recommend a particular model, because I sell them.

Get over to Jackie's forum -
for lots of e-cig chat, recommendations, and advice.

See ya there!!

TURTLE said...

Iwent to Wetherspoons the other day & they served me till i was blind drunk. As i went to take a puff on my harmless vaper i was told to stop.. I asked why & he replied "they are banned". With that in mind, I ordered a triple Brandy, necked it, rolled out the door & nearly got knocked down by a bus. I must just thank that barman, god knows what might have happened if i had been allowed to take a puff on my vaper. Thank you Wetherspoons for being fully committed to looking after my health....

Jeff Wood said...

My Dear Turtle

Glad you were OK, give or take a hangover I suppose.

I didn't know that about Wetherspoons, not being a pubgoer much, but I will stay out of their dives.

I recall, prior to the smoking ban in Scotland, walking to an evening meeting in Glasgow. Every bar was busy with light, conversation and people as I passed, except one which was almost deserted.

That one was a Wetherspoons, and a notice on the wall proudly announced they were a non-smoking bar.

Recently got an Njoy. So far my tobacco intake has nearly halved, with no effort on my part. We hicks, far from the Channel ports, have to rob the Exchequer our way.

Advice for other novices? You may find inhaling e-smoke unpleasant. Take a draw, hold it a few seconds with the mouth closed, then exhale. I do this with satisfaction on electrociggie, then inhale on a proper cigarette when I choose that. Very odd.

psufan69 said...

I just stumbled onto this blog from across the pond. Been vaping for well over a year now, being a 2-3 packer before I started on a whim (okay the gf prodded me into it).

I have to warn you people, vaping is dangerous. I figured I'd use it to piss people off in non-smoking areas, but soon found I liked the flavors so much that I was hardly ever smoking. Then after only smoking about half a dozen cigarettes a day, I wanted to stop them and found snus which got me totally off cigarettes.

Just when I was sure I'd smoke the rest of my life, I haven't had a puff in seven months. I'm killing the economy plus the anti-smoking nazis here in the US. Just be careful, this could be you.

To answer the question, the 510 is a good starter unit and I'd recommend it to find out if you're into it. Look for good deals on them, you can get them pretty cheap if you do some internet shopping.

If you find you're digging it, get something that doesn't have dedicated batteries where you can buy something that doesn't have to be charged every day. Plus they're cost you a lot less in the long run.

I loved smoking, heck it was a 43 year love affair, but I gave up marriage after about 25 so I thought it was time to make other changes. I still want to beat these nannies back to the holes they came out of though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a Titan or Tornado (their brand-names for the 510 and eGo) from TECC while they're having their sale is the way to go. They're the best models, and the sale prices are (while they last) the best around.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks for the advice from seasoned vapers, it's all being gratefully logged. :)

Skwerl said...

Mr. Puddlecote,
Should you tire of the nanny state over there I assure you of a hearty welcome here in the US.
Shannon aka Skwerl.

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