Saturday, 4 January 2014

Link Tank 04/01

Lunchtime links.

Dramuary: celebrating the demon drink

David Cameron's internet porn filter is the start of censorship creep

No respite for post-Bloomberg New York

McDonald’s Taiwan serves up fast food with cat ears, schoolgirl uniforms and a salute!

French fight back against eco taxes

Europe is slowly strangling the life out of national democracy

84 year old former Aussie PM downs a beer in 10 seconds

Americans have a new way to spend their Christmas gift cards

Why does cancer charity want to ban e-cigs which are not linked with cancer?

Caterpillar halitosis


nisakiman said...

Save a fortune on the ill-considered gym membership you were going to take out and go to the pub instead.

Heh! I'll drink to that! I like Rob Lyons's stuff - he's a fellow traveller in our motley cavalcade of dissenters.

So, to the grey, joyless ones, I have a message:

moonrakin said...

Not a criticism - but thinks there's one missing off the list:

Just when you think it's old hat - done to death, over, done, kaput ... even - somebody breathes more life into Downfall - aww.... deepoorliddlepengwins....

Hitler Gets Trapped in Sea Ice

Major Tom said...

Cancer Charities jump on board the anti E Cig gravy chain naturally to
keep their snouts in the Pharmaceutical Dollar/pound/Euro Bonanza.
Some top dogs at these charities will be receiving their goody bags soon.
Will we hear of any interest from our shifty MPs,no chance, they are onboard the same payola.
Not much hope for investigation from the "independent" newspapers,check out how much they coin in from the Pharma/.Medical/ Gov cashcow.
Anyone got any bright ideas on how to put anti baccy issue on the front pages..................dont leave it to long.........pleeeeeeeeeeeese