Friday 21 March 2014

Charge Your Glasses

Seeing as it's Friday, here is some budget-related Twitter squealing to make your weekend tipple taste extra sweet.

Public health 101 - when stung, trot out the standard 'evil industry' ad hom. A line faithfully taken up by this AlCon employee.

Then comes the incredulity.

"But ... but ... they're not following the tobacco template! We're next! They told us we were next!"

A concern echoed by one of the team who produced Sheffield's Uni's policy-led minimum alcohol pricing junk.

Then there was the truly bizarre.

Yes, that's the Alastair Campbell and yes, he really did say that. Sometimes put-downs are so easy you don't even have to elaborate.

Lastly, there is the plain dull and disappointed.

'Public health' have been let down? Marvellous! It's something the country should be heartily thankful for, and should be treated to far more often, so I'll drink to that.



Steve Brown said...

Drinking my third beer of the evening as I read this glorious smack in the chops to the bansturbators!
Just wish that fags had stayed the same price, or even been reduced in cost!

Ivan_Denisovich said...

The poor dears think that it is all about them. I wonder how much public health bullshit has cost the UK over the last 4 decades? Not to mention pointless medical anachronisms like the Royal College of Physicians. Perhaps we could replace the existing medical establishment with something much cheaper that actually does something useful, such as training doctors to kill slightly fewer people for example. We could simply abolish public health of course as this would have no noticeable impact on anything other than the nation's finances.

Sam Duncan said...

“'Public health' have been let down?”

Well, exactly. With the referendum looming, I'm surprised he didn't cut the duty on Scotch. A freeze is a win for the meddlers, only they're so blinkered by their own obsessions they can't see it.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Yes, that's a downside, but small mercies can still be celebrated until politicians wake up to what utter charlatans 'public health' is. I celebrated far too much last night! ;)