Saturday 5 April 2014

Link Tank 05/04

Got your brew? Then we'll begin.

Let everyone think what he likes and say what he thinks

‘Cinderella law’ proposals are unhelpful and draconian

Too progressive for their own good

Ha! Giving up smoking to be banned in Welsh public places

25 Ronald McDonalds promote Taco Bell

"Spurned by politics for her porn and the porn industry for her politics"

Wetherspoon pubs: soulless drinking pits, or a mainstay of the high street?

Israel set to ban "dangerous e-cigarettes" within 6 months

The 'pro-orgasm movement' holds a 3 day conference

Blondes have more brains, says Swedish study ... April Fool!

The Canadian doggie bucket list (pic)


truckerlyn said...

I sincerely hope so.

Like you, it completely baffles me why more people can't see blatant manipulation when it stares them in the face!

The only suggestion I can come up with, is at the moment it does not affect them, so they are completely blind to it!

Hyacinth Smith said...

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