Tuesday 22 July 2014

Know A Decent Pub Garden? Shhh, Don't Tell

Via ASH Scotland, this written question exchange between a Green MSP and Scotland's anti-smoker in chief is highly amusing (I think even he was probably struggling not to laugh when he read it).

So, apparently, telling smokers where they can smoke comfortably is now considered to be tobacco advertising by the Green Party. In fact, I think I might have transgressed this imaginary law myself by promoting a pub in Bognor last year.

Fancy being an outlaw? Well all you apparently have to do now is post something online saying that some pub or other has a decent garden and you're advertising tobacco. Voila!

We're still discovering how very intellectually bankrupt and absurd anti-smoking lunatics can be, I wonder when we'll reach rock bottom.

Good grief.


Peem Birrell said...

Actually that wee shit Harvie is pretty much anti-everything except himself, political correctness and sodomy. But there is an important point here, in that it wouldn't be a good idea to have a list of pubs with decent smoking facilities as that would lead to Harvie and others of his nauseating ilk (I mean interfering busybodies) going round trying to get them shut down. I know a good few pubs that I wouldn't dream of telling anti-smokers about.

Tom Gleeson said...

Rock bottom was ages ago, they got a kango since then and are way below bedrock at this at this stage.

Barry Homan said...

Now...I've never heard of Patrick Harvie, so I googled to look at images - and what's the first thing I saw? A bald head. Glasses. Oh, and a beeeeeard. Not really a beard, more like a sparse, fuzzy growth. Why does the anti always match one or two certain appearance-profiles? Just saying.

Fred Barboo said...

I was in a restaurant at the weekend that myself and a few friends visit fairly often - usually spending a decent amount of cash. We sat in the back garden and proceeded to relax with a drink and a smoke.

The waitress was soon on us looking sheepish and informed us that, as long as the garden was empty, we were ok to keep smoking but when their bookings arrived we'd have to smoke on the street - which would involve traipsing through the restaurant each time.

When I'm in charge I'm going to ban non-smokers from beer gardens. We suffer them through all weather so why should we have them taken away when (literally) fair-weather visitors decide to descend on them?

nisakiman said...

You should have told her to inform the manager that if you were unable to smoke in the beer garden then you (and your friends) would be taking your business elsewhere in future. I certainly would have done.

I thank my lucky stars that I don't have to deal with all that anti-smoking stupidity. When I go out to eat, a clean ashtray is provided on the table as a matter of course. And not a hand waver or disapproving glance in sight.

Chris Sorochin said...

Where do you live?

nisakiman said...


Chris Sorochin said...

I admire your country's commitment to freedom. Zito Ellada.

truckerlyn said...

Absolutely! If I am outside a cafe or pub smoking and antis complain I tell them, politely, that they have a choice which we don't! If our smoking, legally, outside bothers them then they can go inside; if it bothers them that much they can campaign to allow smokers to smoke inside and then they can have the outside to themselves!

They soon go away!